Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year and so very cold!

We have sunshine but temp is 9F and wind chill -2! So very cold! High will only be 19F or 20F.
Tonight will be another cold one as well. So heat is cranking and water is dripping!
Schools were set back 2 hours. Buses just now running.

We seem to be on a weather roller coaster. We had temps in 60's then singles now they are saying we will be  close to 70F this weekend!! What in the world! We are in Winter after all so 30's and 40's are our norm not these extremes!
We can call ourselves blessed I reckon as we did not have to deal with ice and snow along with this arctic blast! Now if only our power stays on!!!

So have we all settled into the New Year?? 2014! Man still has that futuristic sound to it to me!

We kept up our Christmas decor past Old Christmas Day now I will start putting away. Did not have a lot so should not be to big of a job.
Did not go to any sales an buy more. I feel we finally have enough! Haha!
DH never thought I would come to that conclusion!
Well take that back, was in Joann's and they had the outside bows on sale for 83 cents, reg 3.99! When DH put up the window wreaths he did say our very old ones were not going to hold up much longer.

Working on a couple projects (gifts) I did not get done in Dec.
As I said before, mailing out things a bit later than usual!
The sewing room needs a straighten up too. I seem to start off good putting things away then get lazy and the piles take over!!  So New Year begins with cleaning up old years mess!!

Will be going to big city for appts one day a week in January!
Was why stopped into Joann's yesterday. Next week will do a Hancock stop...;-)
Coupons in hand of course. Though must say I have been in there couple times last few months and came out with nothing. Normally I will buy thread, needles or a pack trim if nothing else with my coupons but even did not do that last time. I am sick!!!

Best get up and moving or nothing will be accomplished today !!
Do hope everyone reading my blog is safe and warm or for my pals down under safe and cool!!


  1. Last night it got down to -10 here with a wind chill of -36. Today's high is 2 I think but that will be much better than yesterday!

  2. We got an to7 last here in n. West Georgia

  3. It's so brutal here Lola, we're trying for a high today of 0! It's a good day to stay in and get caught up on some sewing, which I'm doing. Except for getting caught up with my blog friends! Stay warm!

  4. Happy New Year Lola! Your weather sure is crazy. We've had a string of blistering hot days then today is cool and rainy. I'm looking forward to another year of your wonderful posts and projects. Cheers Ann!

  5. It has been so cold in so many places. Enjoy your shopping.

  6. Stay warm and safe Lola...hope your power stays on! Bows for 83 cents? I missed that sale and NEED to replace quite a few of mine.

    I am not settled into 2014 and we are on day 7! I haven't posted even one blog and I actually have stories to tell. Things have been so busy but I hope to get better organized real soon.

    I miss all of your beautiful, festive decor :(

  7. Not quite as cold here, but there is a point where cold is just plain cold. Good weather to stay inside and sew! Do some for me please!

  8. Not so cold over here. Happy new year to you too. :)


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