Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekend Stuff

 Saturday we went to an auction in old school house. I had some things on my list. I did not win them all. Seems dealers from big cities are finding our little backwoods auctions these days. They are willing to go higher than me! We did score some nice things. DH was happy with some scopes for his guns. He also scored some nice old crocks. That is DH up there taking a pic of the stuffed bear! No we did not bid on that!
Sunday he baked this cake! Oh my goodness it is yummy! It is a Fall Apple Cream Cheese Cake.
See the cream cheese in there. The icing is cooked sugar to make praline. Came from a Southern Living Magazine. recipe
Here is our brat Wiggles looking so sweet and innocent...HA! This is the still warm from dried wash now empty laundry basket. Oh Mama I lov's it so much! Wish I could have  captured the rolling and rubbing that was going on!;-)

I worked Monday getting the utility room in some kind of shape to bring in porch plants. We are getting down in the 30's over night for this week on. Chances of frosts too. That room is a catch all. We have  stored paint and other things for DH's projects that he has yet to get too. I have to have at least a path to washer and dryer.!! Our big freezer is in there and utility sink. Also backdoor opens into it as well. I worked and worked . Got all plants in after checking for hitch hikers...bugs, frogs or little snakes. Yes learn from the past! Had a lot of things to sort and wash from auction. Stuff had been stored in barns so quite dirty.

Somehow Monday I managed to get into something that caused outbreak of hives on my face and eyes! I would be all set if Halloween was now! It does seem some better today.
Had this happen before but was stress related then or so doc said.
I reckon between dust, dirt, plants and stress of trying to get all done in one day, could be cause culprits.
Know if not cleared up and better by weeks end will get steroid shot.

Today I do feel like doing stuff again. Yesterday just rested.
Have some chores to do. Plan on Beef Pie for supper.
Had thawed out beef for it so need to get done today!

Fall is here! Leaves are falling on the ground  and wood line around field is starting to show some color. Have rain falling now and temps are dropping. Well now reckon weather folks got it right for a change! WONDERS never cease!


  1. The cake looks fantastic! Oh I would love a hunk of that :)

    Congrats on your winter prep progress. Sorry to hear about your break out. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. That cake sounds delicious. Thanks for the link.

    Fall has definitely arrived. The plants will be much happier.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  3. me too--I want a slice of that cake--I love cream cheese!!
    Glad someone is in the cleaning mode--not me!!
    It is getting really dark here--and cold so we may be getting some cold rain and maybe some flurries--
    I am not ready???????????????
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  4. I want cake!!! Yummy! Glad you had some fun at the auction before all the yucky work and hives kicked in. This thing is is going to give me hives--going to hit Publish now and see if it works. Not long now I hope before the new one is up and running.

  5. That cake looks yummy! And the kitty in the basket looks comfty

  6. Oh my, I'm drooling over that cake! Seriously!
    It's funny you should mention a stuffed bear. Hubby came across one last night on Craig's List up here in Seattle. The ad was titled "Killer Bear". Really.

  7. I bet the auction was fun. We attended a Flea Market last weekend. Prices were all over the place; high's and low's. The cake looks delicious. Yummy! Love the kitty in the basket. Hope you are feeling all better. And I really hope you do not find any surprise snakes in hiding! Rest now that you got all that work done. :)

  8. I break out in hives all of the time especially when I am dusting or get over is miserable....hope it didn't last long.


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