Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stuff'n and Leftovers

Last night I worked on getting these projects finished. All that was left was to stuff and sew up! Two stitcheries on aged muslin, made by me and the cross stitch piece done on linen by my niece Diana.
  They came out so sweet! Love 'em!

Here is the bittersweet hanger! I used a Jo Morton fat qt that was just meant for the DMC colors along with some Wrights Rick Rack that matched perfectly! It is orange not pink. Don't you love it when a project just comes together as if meant to be!

Looks so sweet hanging here!

I love this one so much! Another piece I used to frame. Decided on a change! This is a Coffeehouse Collection by folk artist Jan Coffey painting design I stitched instead many years ago. Yes look at painting books, applique  and other art for stitching ideas! The rick rack on this is chenille. I bought on close out of Christmas ribbons sale at Joann's a few years ago. It is Christmas Trimmings and paid .50 for each 2yrd spool! Gold, Red and Black. So just never know where you may find nice bits n bobs!

Here it is sitting on the old corn husk bottom chair. As long as Wiggles leaves it alone it will stay there!;-)

This small stitchery was a freebie online but I no longer can find the link in my book marks! Sorry.  I used that same Gobble Gobble fabric by Sandy Gervais that I used on the above pilla.  L.O.V.E. that fabric and wish I had bought yardage! Not much left now.;-(
Used Wrights Black Rick Rack and some antique lace trim.

Placed it on the sofa back for now. As Wiggles the fly'n kitten comes flying by will see if it stays there!

I made this candle mat from bits leftover from another project. Nothing fancy.
Some of the blocks were wonky but I still like 'em!
Nice yummy Caramel Pecan candle Alice gave me for my birthday last year I believe.
Have it burning now. Just makes the house smell like  FALL BAKING is going on !

Here are the better bits I plan to sew up today into a runner. Now just to decide lay out.
May have to play a bit to get look I want. Need to drag out some dark browns, reds and blacks! Like I should be doing this and not sewing for Christmas!!! It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Sewing World I live in!
By the way here is baby Wiggles! Napping in her do-nut cushion. Yes she took it over! She is growing like a weed! Just still a baby though at near 4 mths old. If she keeps up this growing she will be a big old kitty for sure!


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I just love fall colors! :0)

  2. Wow! You are sewing up a FALL storm! I love all of these projects. Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for and then Christmas.

    Wiggles is growing fast :)

  3. Enjoy seeing your handwork stitchery as well as your quilting. It all goes together so nicely. Great candle mat.

  4. Such gorgeous projects! You are on a roll!! Give Wiggles a cuddle from me :) xxx

  5. Such a sweet baby! I know you are fibbing when you tell me all the naughty things that cute little does. Everything looks so pretty! Need some pumpkin pie and apple cider.


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