Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Snow Fellas Wool Runner

 This was the other runner I made for DIL's birthday. She loved it.
It is all wool. Used wool from wool clothing , washed and dried to felt.
Not a wide runner but looks wonderful on narrow tables. Susan has such a table.
Candle in center and all set for Winter decor.
I did not make them as Christmas decor so they can hang around for the Jan and Feb snow!

All finishing was by hand. Only machine used was on wool circles and long seams to add backing. Then used long stitch and button hole stitches to finish. Had made one for myself a while back also one for a swap long ago. I have misplaced my pattern I drew out. Need to see about making a couple more for gifts one year.

Today is carpet cleaning day! Have a sweet helper coming out to do for me. So I must fix a yummy breakfast and lunch! I also have some sewing to finish up for her. So will stay busy with that an out of her way! Now just hope DH and the cats will respect the clean carpet for a while. At least through the holidays! If I had to do over would have went with darker color, no matter the small room!!


  1. Cute runner. Love the fact that you recycled some clothing for the Wool Runner. :)

  2. That is too cute! What a neat way to use felted wool, I've never tried it but looks like I'm going to have to!

  3. Sweet runner....a simple reminder snow is coming. Of course she loved it!!!!

  4. Hmmmm! I see a kitchen plaque--Respect the Clean!
    Love the snowmen, they are such cuties.

  5. It's cute! I need to break out my wool. Haven't' started on it yet.

  6. Aww....cute snowmen.

    Enjoy the clean carpet. Dark colors have their problems too.

  7. love your snowmen and love the red color--for some reason all my snowmen are done with blue backgrounds as I only bring them out after christmas!!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  8. Very cute runner Lola. I love anything with a snowman and the main reason is that it extends the winter season for me. Living in FL I like to keep my snowman pieces around through January.

    Hope you are doing well :)

  9. Oh! How cute Snow Men!
    I love your work! :D

  10. The snowman mat is cute as can be. I use a narrow wool mat over the fireplace that has snowman faces on it.


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