Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On time.

Did finish the runners in time. I did not try any fancy quilting just stuck to the simple straight line. Susan seemed to really like them. Sadly I did not get a pic of her with them as planned!  Even had new batteries in camera! I really think I must turn over the family picture taking to some one who can actually remember to do it! Will get pics, I hope, when we go over one day soon.

Susan loved the colors and that they would go nicely in their dining room!
She has the fall runner I gave her one year on the table now.  Susan is so cute. They were married in Oct 2006. Beautiful Fall wedding. So we made up Fall florals. She has the wreaths I made for the old church doors hanging on her front and back doors still! Reckon that says a lot about my crafting skills that they are still in such wonderful shape!

This fabric was nice as far as color and print design but...it raveled like mad! I used my smallest stitch and as tight a tension as I could to hopefully keep it from doing so much! I was surprised. Was not cheap fabric by no means and a well know maker as well.

We got rain yesterday evening. We really needed it and more really. Nice cool down but gray today as well. Glad I went to the pumpkin wagon yesterday early to get the outside pumpkins! The pumpkin wagon is set up on the honor system. No one there,  you pick out your goods, add up and slide money into the money box on a post! This is on busy VA highway 460 ! He makes money and so far(5yrs) no one has stole his money box or tried ever! Proves we are truly a wonderful place despite all the bad mess on the news!


  1. I love the runner Lola, and the colors. We've had lots of rain here, fortunately today is finally sunny. Enjoy your day!!

  2. Really like the fabrics you used for Susan table runner. Looks good with the straight quilting. I am sure she loved it.

  3. It is really pretty! I am sure you will see it when you visit for the holidays! Still need to go find some pumpkins. Where did the rest of the year go?????

  4. I am sure it was loved! I am terrible at finding the time to take pictures when everyone is here.

  5. I like your table runner. It will be a wonderful gift. Good to hear about the pumpkin wagon place; and the honor system. So nice to believe that there are good people around us.

  6. Very pretty runner!

    Wow, I didn't think there was any place left in this country that still worked on the honor system. This is very enlightening and I pray it continues for your pumpkin wagon.

    Since we are in south Florida, pumpkins don't last very long after they have been carved so we have to wait until, literally, the last minute to get ours.


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