Sunday, July 7, 2013

Blue Eyed Girl

We have a visitor. This older pretty girl showed up Friday .
So far no one has come looking for her and no one around here knows her!

May have been dropped off Thursday night.
We seem to be dumped animal magnets!
This is what our neighbors across road think!
We are the local soft touch!

A neighbor brought us a goodie bag to get us through till we could go to town for some dog food.
Not sure if she is going to stay or not.
Have to make calls around to local vets and animal control Monday .
Someone may have alerted them she is missing.
May also check with Aussie Shepard Rescue, see if one in this area.
She seems to be right at home here but for one thing...she has run off our old outside cat!
Hope to find her soon.
I am calling her Lucy.
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds...girl with kaleidoscope eyes...hahaha..Beatles tune.

Lucy does not appear to have been an inside pup.
Not sure if we can accommodate an outside dog.
No fence ( will NOT chain up a dog ) and no dog house, etc.
(We have a fella on the corner who prefers no animals come calling in his yard!)
I brushed her coat which she loved. Looks so much better now.
Lucy did not want any parts of a bath.
She does love to get in the tub with cool water just do not add shampoo!

Seems to be a happy dog and loves attention.
Would make for a lovely family pet with no cats.
Lucy is older though and may have some health issues.
Sad that some one either threw her away or she somehow became lost from her family!

So now we have to make sad and hard choices because of someone else is poor ones!

UPDATE: 'Lucy' seems to have  'wandered off'' from her home quite a few miles from us. So owners coming to get her sometime today. All we know . This after all my phone calls this AM.
As many times as folks from that area pass our home you would have thought they had come looking for her up here or seen her in yard or fields!


  1. Hope you find the owners or a good home for Lacy Lola. Good luck

  2. Awwww... glad she has found a good home... you could always send her to A, she is a soft touch too :) xxx

  3. ahhhh bless you for taking her in, hope the story ends happy.

  4. So you could say that you had a 'doggie' 4th of July!!!!
    I thank you though for keeping him and caring for him--
    love, miss gracie and Di

  5. Ah, heard from A yesterday that you found her owners... that is great :) xxx

  6. I'm glad you found her owners Lola, I always feel bad for the poor animals that get lost or dropped off and find themselves here. It's so good Lucy had a happy ending!


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