Thursday, July 11, 2013

July Finishes

Think I am done with the red, white and blue projects for now!
I had this small stitchery runner all ready to quilt. So got it done and finished it up!
Thought had a pic of it on table but here it is on ironing board when done!;-)

I added these stars to a towel for my niece. Did on same day as runner.

I had two small star blocks left over from the runner I made here.
So decided to use some leftover bits of vintage bark cloth and create a couple small hangers!

Here is one on fireplace. Other is in dining room hanging on pie safe.
Have a baby kitty in there sleeping in crate now so can not get a pic.
Yes we have a new baby!

Found her hungry and crying on our carport next day after Lucy the dog went home!!!
So tiny and skinny! Very loving, though was scared at first!
Had to clean her up a bit and flea comb, etc.
We are using the crate for Wiggles ( think it is a she) so she and old Cocoa Kitty can become used to each other and train to litter box.
Reckon the powers that be figured we needed a kitty more than a new pup!


  1. How do you manage to get any sewing done???? I am happy she found you instead of having to deal with this weather.

  2. I like the flag quilt. I have been in the mood for red, white & blue quilts and have been doing some stitching on parts for some.

  3. I love your red white and blues Lola! Congrats on your new addition, can't wait to see pics!!

  4. Welcome to the newest addition! Your patriotic piece looks wonderful.

  5. Goodness me! You do have lots of excitement at your place!!! Love your finishes... xxx

  6. You must have a sign outside your place advertizing that 'strays' are welcome here and loved!!!! glad the kitty found you!!
    nice work on all your projects--
    hugs, di and miss gracie


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