Friday, July 19, 2013

Hot machine and a whine or two or three...

Yes! I had the sewing machine cranking yesterday!
Finished this sweet lovely top for me!

 Call this fabric my mu-mu dress fabric!;-)
 It is a nice light weight fabric for summer.
Need to find a pair of white capris or bermudas to go with it.

 Close up of the pleats on front and back.

Here is the dress pattern I used here and this top pattern. Made my top in the longer length. Easy and fast really. You just have to match up your measurements and make whatever simple adjustments needed.
I am no expert seamstress so if I can do it pretty much anyone can!

Now both of these patterns cost me 99 cent each on sale. Plus there is several options on each pattern.
I have used them both two times..2 dresses and 2 tops!
Pretty sure some of you will be saying this is apples and oranges..big companies and small ones... but on I  go!

The pattern I received yesterday cost me $9.00 plus $2.00 shipping!
Was the lowest price I found online.
A craft pattern (instructions only).
Inside was two (2) pages of printed pc paper.

Yes was my choice to order I know but come on!
I have been burned a couple times buying used so try to buy new if I can.
I am familiar with wholesale lot costs on these patterns.
The mark up on them can be rather high once they hit retail!
Unless the designer is selling it themselves at this price they will not make a lot off this one pattern.

This is why I normally only buy books (on sale mostly and with no need to enlarge anything ..yet another peeve) or magazines.
The mags are still a darn good deal on patterns plus you get all those pretty pics too!
I did check books online and this one item was not in them.

Now this is just my own whine, on my own blog and not a slam on all the wonderful designers out there or retail outlets!
I also have a problem with buying a pattern online and it costing same as having one mailed to me and a Kindle book costing same as a 'real book',  but that is yet another whine!;-)

So yes I will be making some gifts with the pattern/instructions for Christmas gifts, mumbling as I go!;-)

Just had to add a pic of our baby Wiggles, laying still in her sewing room basket for a bit, napping! This does not last long!!


  1. Ah me thinks that you should of named 'wiggles'--
    the flying cat instead!!!
    love the dress and blouse--
    I stopped sewing clothes for me long ago--
    they never fit right--I am a true T-shirt fan!!!
    give that wiggles a hug for me and have a great cool week end--
    love, di and miss gracie

  2. Cute summery top to keep you cool. Love it. I hear ya about the price of patterns. Like you, I prefer books and magazines.

  3. I've gotten patterns too, that were copied sheets of paper, and yes the price is ridiculous! I really like the top, what is the pattern number Kim? Loving Wiggles!

  4. Can't wait to see that cutie in person. So sweet! I have that same problem with Kindle books, especially with all the bad grammar and typos that they don't fix. Whine whine moan!!

  5. I rarely buy a lone quilt pattern when I can buy a book for just a few dollars more.

    Wiggles looks like a real sweetie! I would live to have a kitty again, but our granddaughter is terribly allergic, so she wouldn't be able to visit if we had a cat.

  6. I can remember buying patterns years ago with sturdy paper and one size per package. They were dirt cheap back then. Now the patterns are so flimsy and outrageously expensive.

    That looks like a comfortable sleeping basket.

  7. Lovely blouse! And cute Wiggles :) I used to buy magazines more than single patterns... xxx

  8. Love your new little one.....She is cute !!! Love the name Wiggles. Great to see you are sewing some clothes.... I am going to do that too. Got a couple new dress patterns. I see more and more garments showing up in quilt shops. And everyone around here is wearing dresses and skirts. We will see if I can sew garments anymore...LOL Have a great week.


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