Saturday, April 20, 2013

Digging in a closet...

 ..can be like going back in time!
I found this cute piece my BFF Angel Brenda had made for me in the the 80's!
Brenda passed away suddenly in 2003. All her wonderful works mean so much to me and remind me of the fun we used to have together.
This one had hung in the old house for many years! We had wood stoves then and also smokers..ugh!
So washed it up but no frame as the piece had shrunk up a bit even in cool water. So had sat it aside in closet! It is now in an old vintage pant hanger. Just to find right spot to hang up in sewing room now!

Also digging around found these very old blocks in a bag.

These are made with a lot of fabrics used to make my sweet Mama and Mama in law's simple summer frocks, as we called them, and some aprons! I did not do very well at the piecing part back then!

Not perfect at piecing now but a tad better! They are not perfect but sweet memories none the less!

Think will use this lay out and sew up with sashing and borders. Make a nice lap quilt for me that will be like having hugs from my angel gals!

Have some other projects on the needle as well. Cannot share them for a bit as they are gifts.
My work space needs a good clean up too. Oh My!
Oh well that is always the case in here it seems before, after and during projects! hahaha!


  1. surprises are always nice--whether new or old ones!! yes you must sew those blocks together for yourself--happy stitching!
    love, di and miss gracie

  2. How nice to rediscover those wonderful treasures. Now you can enjoy them again...

  3. Love the crosstitch. I need to tidy up my studio. I have it torn apart. That will be my task for tomorrow. Like my Scarlett O'Hara attitude? (Tomorrow is but another day...)

  4. I know there are some old treasures hidden in my craft room, maybe it's time to go through and see what I can find. I love your special cross stitch, how nice to have those reminders of special friends and special times.

  5. Both projects are much too nice to be hidden away in the cupboard!

  6. Love the treasures! They definitely should not be hidden in a closet. The quilt is going to be really cute with all those vintage florals. The mamas will be smilig down on ya!! We haven't lived here long enough to find cool things in the closets yet--just the need to clean them out!!! Yuck!!


Luv hear'in from ya!!