Thursday, April 4, 2013

Buzzee Bee

 Been a busy gal since Easter! Have sewn up a bunch of pot holders!
These are for some BD gift bags. I toss these in as they do come in handy for cooks!
Have Easter goodie bags packed for the young grands we will get to spend time with this coming weekend. Fun Times Ahead!
Suppose to be a beautiful weekend in the Blue Ridge this weekend ! Sure hope so! It is so pretty in the mts in the Spring and Fall.

These are the fabrics for grand daughter's diaper/mommy/baby bag! So many titles for them these days! ;-)

I quilted the outer bag fabric.
Here is where I am out with the outer bag part. There is another pocket on back side too. Will have a shoulder strap as well.

I am battling the lining now! UGH! Was not the weight I wanted to use but was all I had on hand so making it work! The inside has pockets all around. Will share pics when done.

The shower is this weekend. Have some goodies to stuff inside with the gift card for our sweet baby Jay William! Was hoping to get more stuff made by Great Granny but time will not allow! Yes there will be a quilt but later! ;-)

Today is DH's BD! He is officially an Old Geezer today...his words not mine! Hahaha!
He wanted  chocolate ricotta cheese cup cakes and pepper steak with rice. So his wish is my command! DH is very good to me and really does not ask for much so do not mind fussing over him once in a while!

So in between the baking, cooking, doing wash, other chores and such, I am sewing  on the bag!
If I could move like this every day oh the calories I would burn!!!

 Okay best get back to it!!!


  1. Indeed to be a better weekend than's snowing up there! Always fun to hear the happenings. Happy birthdays too! Good idea to have little gifts at the ready.

  2. I'm drooling over those cupcakes. Those look so yummy! Be sure to show us the bag when it's finished. I like the brown fabric.

    I've had energy, too. Must've been the sunshine we had all last week. It refilled the ole solar batteries. ;-)

    Have a great rest to of the week!

  3. Hey, there's a giveaway on Martingale's blog that has your name on it!

  4. Hi Lola--love those cupcakes and I think I can even smell them way up here!!!
    I think the same thing about burning off the calories--only I get so many things done in one day--and it takes me '3' days of slow and easy and lazy to rest up and built up for another full day--crazy !!!lol
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  5. Lola - I saw you were following me so I had to come by and see what's up. I noticed you love murder mysteries and so do I. I've been, lately, re-reading all of Dorothy Sayers' Lord Peter Whimsey books....a watching the dvd's of same. I just really enjoy her writing...nice and long-winded. I'm currently reading STRONG POISON. Thanks for the great post, here, too. I love cooking from scratch, too, and would love to see Virginia. I've been to Fairfax and that's about it....for a quick visit and a wedding. Visit often, and I'll be back, too. Kathie D.

  6. It looks very happily your every day.
    Let's enjoy hand work together! :))

  7. Apologies to the man for being sick and not shouting Happy Birthday!!! Trying to play catch up on all that I have missed. Can't wait to see a big picture of that pretty bag all done up. Useless phone!!!


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