Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh Yes I Did!

 Went  up into the Blue Ridge Mts for a baby shower but did find time to shop! Well fabric shop!
Now if only I can find the time to begin sewing some ME projects! I need to figure out how to budget my time for all the gift sewing I seem to do and my own projects! Need to finish up a few already in progress!

Look what a bargain I found at the South Hill,VA Walmart! I must be so behind in reading if this has already landed in the bargain bin! DH was shopping in sporting goods at a lot of stops on the way up and back! So I wondered about looking!
No this was not bought at a Wally's or a sporting goods shop! Saw this at a yard sale on HWY 103  heading towards Mt. Airy, NC on way to baby shower! Haha!
We did not stop then. We came back by it after and saw 2 machines. I picked this one.
Not a Singer but a Universal Deluxe made in Japan. I am dating it late 1950's maybe as all the stuff still inside which included a pattern was around that time. I like it as it is smaller than my 1955 Singer 99 but a bit bigger than the featherweight. All my old Singer feet work on it just fine. Has drop feed dogs too!
No did not need it but $20 bucks brought it home!
Cleaning it up a bit now then will take apart what I can. Will have to be rewired.
I am debating on leaving in cabinet which will redo or rewire it to use as table top.

Been outside working in yard last couple days. Roses needed cuttin and had to address some chickweed! We broke a record yesterday with hot temp of 89F for this Spring date!
Today not to be as hot but still in 80's but back down to 60's and 70's for rest of week and weeks end!
I am trying to just do what I can and be happy with what little I get done.
Hands are sore from yesterdays work so bet my big plans for the day will be cut in half!

Well best get back to it!
Hope it is a nice day where ever you are today!


  1. What a nice find for $20. It looks just like a Singer. I wonder if it was the same maker.

  2. What a great find Lola, talk about right place at the right time! Love the fabrics and book too. Weather wise here, I'd be happy for the 50's!

  3. Pretty cool new baby you found. And all the pretty new colors too. Between all my fabric and all my books I do not think I will ever catch to where everyone else is, but all things old will be new again right????

  4. Great finds !! Yes, I am going to try and find some ME time too. Been sewing, but not for me. So...I am taking a month off and doing stuff for ME. Enjoy !

  5. Shopping bonanza! Love it!
    Does your new baby have a name? He/she needs one. I love vintage machines. It's a good clone, so you should have no difficulty in finding parts.

  6. love the new stash and that new to you sewing machine--great find!!!
    we are not hot here--just our normal spring--
    hugs,di and miss gracie

  7. What wonderful shopping!!
    Beautiful fabrics & a great machine!!
    How envy you. :))


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