Thursday, March 17, 2011

O Bit O Sewing

:-) ...all said with an Irish accent me lads an lassies!
Do hope everyone is having a grand St Patrick's Day!
I have found out my Great Grandmother Nora Ring was Irish!!
Been having a bit o fun tracing what bit of my family history I can on and other sources.
I am sure I will never be able to do what they do on TV but at least I know more than I ever thought I would have!

Some Spring jonquils in a green vase on a fun green runner.

Okay on to the sewing bit.
This is my Quilt Show Wallet I made before the Feb Quilt Show.
Yes used a lot of saved fabric selvages from so may pieces of fabrics.
Some of these are quite old I must say.
When I did all those charity strip quilts I went into my older fabrics to rip and decided to save those edges!

This is totally all my design no pattern. Simple sewing.
Lining fabric , a layer of batting, next foundation to sew the strips on.
Made folded fan pockets. Binding and handles.

Sewed them right through all layers so it was quilted already!
Sorry for pic. Was trying to get a good one close up in window.

Has a long handle on it .
I wear over my head from left shoulder.
Hangs right at my right pocket!

Handle rings I used are curtain rings!
Brass, cheap and easy to use on a lot of different bags/projects!
Yes also super double square stitched those handles and rings.

I also used the strong magnetic snaps to keep it closed.
Covered up the flap one with a small patch of selvages.

Made the pockets for cash and cards easy to get to.
Put them on the outer side not flap side.
Room in bottom for keys even your cell phone if desired.

Have 2 more finished.
They are gifts so cannot show them now.;-)
A fun easy wallet to make any size you would like really !
Keeps your hands free for shopping and looking at the show!!

More sewing to share later!

Hugs all,


  1. Cool wallet! I love the little purses.

    The daffodils are gorgeous sitting on your green runner. I hope spring found its way to you!

  2. Very nice!!! I love the selvages!!!

  3. Love the new purse--what a delightful job you have done!!!
    I keep saving mine now--have a small drawer full--one of these days I may have some time to just play around!!!
    Happy green day to you tooooooo!!!!
    Hugs, di and miss gracie

  4. Lola, I love your new wallet. Great design, and love that you used the selvages.

  5. How creative Lola, I never would have thought of this! It's so cute!!

  6. I love your creations! Isn't it nice to know you are part Irish!

  7. did you create your own pattern? if so...would you be willing to share with your favorite dingbat? huh?huh?huh? (mauh) Liz

  8. I have a box of selvages...more like a shoe box of them. Haven't used them yet. Love what you did with yours!

  9. Hi I know I'm a bit late for St.Patricks day but I have just posted my very first blog yeaaaah. On a completely different note if you managed to find out which county in Ireland your ancestors hail from you can contact the library in that area and they should be able to give you lots of information about your ancestors, if it's Meath it could be me doing the research! take care


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