Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Day at Quilt Show

Okay…I am here. Yes I am!

We did the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show on last Thursday opening day.Was a very large turnout of venders and show attendance. A surprise really as some were thinking with the slow economy it would be down. Loads of quilts and assorted other items from traditional as above winner to modern fiber art.

Another winner. Lots of entricate work here.
I was slack and did not write down any maker info! Sorry.

Speaking of the modern art section..was a bit of a hoopla drama over one of the pieces. Here are a couple links you can read about it .




Liz also has some links of pics she took. Alice, Diana and I walked by it but hey was not our cup of tea so went on.We all have our own ideas of what 'Art' is or what we like. I feel this gal had a right to show her fiber art piece which she created to try to make a statement with. As I said I may not find it appealing personally but that does not mean it should be banned.Which is what this one gal wanted to do by removing it. Do I think in any way it was pornographic or meant to be..no. Just my opinion ..which everyone is entitled to have one.

Had a good day but was very worn out from it. Was a good kind of worn out!Had a ball !! We enjoyed seeing some of the quilts on display. Look at all ?? NO! My camera died on one quilt I thought was so pretty. Will share on another post what pics I did get.

We had a good time checking out vender booths as well. Bought a bit of fabric, a foot for my Bernina and cute T-shirt for my DH. Alice and Diana bought some patterns with a bit of fabric.

Some pretty dark red civil war fabrics.
I also bought a bundle of cheddars. Humm where are they????

We had a grand picnic lunch in the lobby area! Liz joined us and she has a post with more pics on her blog. Some very yummy goodness was shared. Would you believe some gals went by us and thought we were nuts!! I DO DECLARE!! I reckon having a good time with friends is a NO NO at the show! Well it is not like we cared!! Hahaha! If you leave to go to a restaurant you lose your parking space!! Besides I will never again pay the outrageous price for a yuck sandwich there again. Even if I just take a Peanut Butter Sammie and water along!

All in all even with the quilt drama, dead camera batteries, rude passersby’s and all the walking, was a FANTASTIC good time with good stitching friends!

Sure wish more of ya’ll could have been there too!!

Maybe next year ok???

A shout out to our pal Elaine who has a broken bone in her foot. She had to sit out the show this year!




  1. I'm glad you had a nice time and ignored those party-poopers in the lobby!!! Sorry you and I weren't able to pose for another picture together this time!!! The year we did that, it was really fun, wasn't it?? LOL

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome time....and the quilts....ohhh la la....thanks for sharing...

  3. I'm reading all of these posts on the show I almost vended at, and it makes me oh so wish I would have gone. Just think of all the bloggers I would have met. Hopefully next year!!
    Glad you had such an awesome day!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I so missed being with you ladies this year! Enjoyed your pictures and going to check out the other links you listed.

  5. I didn't go again this year since I will leave for Atlanta retreat in the morning. I absolutely love the Hampton show and know just how huge it is...and exhausting. Maybe next year I'll go...we meet?

  6. Holy Wow - quilting as controversial art. Who knew? I noticed they didn't post a great big picture of that quilt and that they blurred or blanked out the genital area in the tiny pic they did show. I love that the managers made the loud complainer leave. Hurray for freedom of speech and expression!

    Anywayyyy... thanks for sharing. I can't believe the work that goes into these "show" quilts. Amazing!

    Glad you had a good time with your buddies. I would have loved to tag along.

  7. I just discovered your blog. My husband grew up near where you live in Orbit. Thanks for posting pics of the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival. I missed it this year, but enjoyed going the past 3 years.

    Laura in Richmond

  8. What a neat time you had and love your purchases!

  9. What lovely quilt photo you got. I am doing a bit of blog hopping today and found your blog thought I would leave a comment.

  10. Beautiful tour of the quilt show you attended. Looks as though you had a wonderful time...love your purchases too! Carolyn :)


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