Friday, February 4, 2011

Not Idle ... but nor are we Speedy Gonzales either.
Some days I am just lucky to get done the house hold chores that need to be done.
I do not do well doing the evening sewing thing.
My best times are ones I plan and get an early start.

Did finish up the New Beginnings Sewing Kit.
Now to make the drawstring bags.

I waited for this awesome fabric I had ordered from
Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt Shop to begin.
For some reason US Post Office decided to ship it from New Hampshire via Denver to Va!
Took almost 2 weeks for it to come Priority!
Not Brenda's fault by no means.
Just a fluke I hope!!

I used this pattern but enlarged it some what for the chair caddy.
I did not do binding, just sewed it up and turn, top stitched.
Works out fine and sews up faster as well.
Filled with DMC, pins, and stuff.

This is my own idea for a needle book and scissor keeper.
You can make any size you want really.
Just a simple circle fold over.

I made the pocket on the back for the scissors and made a heart fob for them as well.

Used wool inside for the needles.

Loop and button closure on it.
All done!
Do hope the stitcher who receives it will feel encouraged knowing others care.

I did finish trimming up the 2.5 inch leftover bits from my Fall Bonnie Hunter Pineapple Blossom Blocks.
Now to see if I can make them work in my border somehow.

When looking for a book...yes again! GURR!
I found these old wee blocks needing trimming as well!

I think I was going to make a Bear's Paw with them way back when.
So now trimming them up too !
Will use in some way, at some time!!
Waste Not Want Not as the saying goes!!

Wishing all who are cold and shut in with snow/ice much warmth!!
Keep the Faith... Spring will come!!!


  1. Good job on saving and using your scraps..good money there! Well done on your sewing caddy...always my colors!

  2. Love the sewing caddy. I keep all my leftovers as well and cut them to 2 1/2" blocks. I keep them by the machine ready to use as leaders and enders. I have cut out my pineapple blossom, but it sits in a bag waiting with the other UFO's.Yes stay warm.

  3. I love your needlebook Lola, you're so creative! Somebody's lucky!

  4. What a lovley sewing caddy Lola and the heart sewing fob is just so cute. You will make an Aussie sewer vry happy indeed. thank you.

  5. I too have a hard time sewing in the evenings, seems I'm just too tired to concentrate much. I also do better with planned times earlier in the day. Seems winter is starting it's annual effort to perpetuate tiredness in me every day now. Bummers! Can you say 'SAD'?
    That's a lovely chair caddy you made. Those are indeed handy. I'm thinking it would work great for my cross stitching stuff.
    I too have had issues with USPS. A pkg from Amazon bypassed Hartford and ended up in Saco, ME, where is sat for over a week, before finally ending up 15 days late on my doorstep. Ironically, I though it was never going to get here, so I reordered, and it got here within a day of the first one! Go figure... These snow storms have really messed up USPS and UPS both it seems. Come on Spring! :0)


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