Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bright Spot

Yes we have a very pretty bright spot indeed!
This one golden orange crocus popped out!

He looks lonely!
Rest are still tucked in for the winter nap I reckon.
Soon they too will decide it is time to show themselves.
Yes that is a dead azalea to the right.
We have lost 3 due to the drought last year and then the harsh Winter.
DH will be working in those beds this weekend I am sure if nice weather holds.

Oh look a jonquil has a bud head on it!
Now these can stay this way a long time!
Jonquils can take their sweet time to bloom.

Both of the above flowers can handle cold too.
We are to be sunny again today and warmer yet!!
High 60's and tomorrow we may touch 80!!
Oh yes I did hang out bedding on the clothes line yesterday!!!
Be still my heart!

Been busy this week with Aunt Dot appts.
Today another one that is a follow up to her MRI she had Wed.
Cross fingers she will agree with what Dr. decides will help her.
At 90 yrs of age Aunt Dot is a tiny frail thing but as stubborn as they come!;-)

I did get to enjoy some blog hopping yesterday!
Everyone is so busy and creative!!
Yes we have St. Pat's coming in March and soon enough Easter!!
So time to put up a bit o green for a bit!!

Wishing ya'll a good one!!!


  1. Hope Aunt Dot gets a good report!
    I have seen sign of daffodils popping through. My azaleas are so pitiful and so much dead among them. We pulled out the front bed last fall. So many here were planted by the original owner in early 60's. Want to cry when one of hers goes.

  2. Spring is coming ~ yippeee !
    Enjoy this warmer weather ...i do miss my garden ..

    hugs for Aunt dot ~ And you ~ :)

  3. Those bright blooms are always such a welcomed sight. It sounds like spring is here already.

    Best of luck with Dot's appointments this week.

  4. What lovely spring blooms popping up.
    Hope all goes well with your aunt.

  5. The weather has been awesome and tomorrow record breaking temps here! I'm thrilled to defrost. :-)

  6. Oh my goodness! You have FLOWERS! We have snow, and lots of it. More on the way this weekend. And it is COLD! Sigh. Come on, Spring...

    Aunt Dot sounds like a sweetie, and a tough gal. I hope all is well.

    Have a great day, sweet Lola.

  7. Bless your Aunt's little heart Lola, and you for being so good to her.
    I can't wait for the snow to leave and warm weather to follow. I'll enjoy your little flowers until then!

  8. You are giving me hope that spring is on its way!


Luv hear'in from ya!!