Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Blizzard

Ours started on Christmas evening as we were leaving our family gathering.
Those flurries coming down seemed sort of nice and more like Christmas on the 17 or so mile drive home.
Oh goodness we did not think we would wake up Sunday morning to a white out and winds!
Kept coming down all day then today,Monday, we wake up to 14inches!!!!
Windy but sunshine!!!! Sun is helping to melt it!
DH cleaned off the autos and sun finished the job! ;-)
Also the steps and porch I did.
As I type this hear our neighbor from up the road plowing!

Looking up our road.

Over the field to woods in back.

Across the field to the woods on our right.

Now where are those steps again????

Front walkway here somewhere!!

Poor Frosty is buried!!!

This is me in my bag lined(high fashion ya know) boots. ;-)
Hard to tell but snow is almost to the tops.

Oh look...almost looks like a thatched roof!!!

As pretty as all this is, I wish it away!
No way can we get out to main roads!
If something happened(us, Aunt Dot or Ollie) and rescue squad was needed, would take a long while if they could even get here.

We are blessed the power did not go out.
It blinked enough to make me nervous, with the wind blowing and limbs dropping.
Some did lose power in Va Beach.
We did lose our TV and internet for a bit.

We are to warm up to high 50's or even 60 by week's end!
Come on warm temps!!!!

I hope all who were in the path of this storm are warm and dry .
Safe and snug in your own homes!


  1. We had 14 inches here in Norfolk
    yuck pretty to look at but driving in it was awful .
    Be safe out there those bag lined boots fashion trend ? lol

    Can't wait for warmer temps this weekend !! :)

  2. It's great to be snowed in IF you are safe and warm, and don't have to go anywhere. Stay cosy and stay off the roads if you can. Take care xoxo

  3. It sure looks pretty there! Glad to hear it will melt by the weekend!

  4. And for just such events, we have treadle sewing machines. (Not really; I use mine all the time!)
    May you all stay safe and well as this melts, sinks, and flows away.

  5. glad your ok! had to call out of work, I had 4 inches of ice on the street in front of the house. by the end of the day, snow was melting off the plum and the street looks alot better. VDOT hadnt even come close to tayor road to clean, which surprises me cause there is a firehouse AND a police sub station there. (mauh) Liz

  6. We had the doors and windows open on Christmas eve and Christmas day because it was too warm in the house - in WA. Our grandsons sat on the swings and read their new books - wihtout coats on - it was fabulous - but now back to rain and very cool - about 45 for a high today.

    Glad you will soon have melting temperatures.

  7. we got loads of snow as well, however; after two days we found a way today to get off this mountain and we DID.....we slid down and by the time we came back home it was slushy enough to climb back's so beautiful.....

  8. Reminds me of the snow in Panguitch UT...where I moved away from. It's always nice to have a White Christmas....but seriously!!
    Hope you stay warm girlie!

  9. It surely LOOKS pretty...and magical.

  10. I understand you what to wish it away BUT
    It does look very pertty and magical.
    Love it.
    Would you like to swap Lola. We have had several days of well over 40 deg celcius here. Phew!! HOT!!

  11. Oh wow!!!! It looks sooooo pretty!!! I hope you all stay well and have no emergencies so that you can enjoy the beauty...

  12. Oh yes...the warmer temps are coming in a few days and my husband has already told us all that we are not going anywhere but washing vehicles! Too funny...I bet in the 50's will feel darned toasty!

  13. Hi Lola, I wanted to let you know that your package from the Homespun Holiday Giveaway arrived today. I brought it in as we got home from cancer center and last radiation treatment for my husband. Thank you so much. I posted it on my blog and photos. I really appreciated the ornament and your lovely card. Thank you again. Love Lois

  14. I love how it is hanging off the roof!! Yes, it can be dangerous if emergency vehicles can't get to you. We are secluded and had to invest in a snow plow for our small ATV just to keep the back road clear. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  15. Yes, that snow looks pretty, but it didn't look so pretty from the front seat of our car as it skidded off the interstate and into a snow covered ditch. After this year I will never be dreaming of a white Christmas.

  16. I know it must be a pain, but boy is it pretty!

  17. Love your snow thatched roof!!
    We had a beautiful dumping of the fluffy white stuff on this side of the James too!

  18. A little snow will make the holiday magical, but too much snow please let those travelers go to their destinations.

  19. Hi Lola,
    Your place looks so peaceful and nice. You got more snow than we did, and we are north of you! We got about 8 inches here in north central CT. Called for twice that, but we got 'just enough'. The wind! Oh my! It was like living back up in the Maritimes again. Now the snow is 1/2 gone, still enough for the kids to sled on.
    Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year's Day!


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