Friday, December 24, 2010

Tis the Season...

....for being busy!!
Christmas Candy making!

Fun Christmas Sewing.
Boxes packed and shipped out!

Oh yes the other awesome stocking was finished by niece an sewn up by me!
Sure hoping our Hollyanne and Paul will be surprised to see their old ones replaced by these!!

Oh yes we have had a long long Winter already!
Cold temps and ice along with snow!
More snow expected over weekend into Monday.
Been many a year since we have seen a White Christmas in these parts!

Tis the season for wishing all my dear blog pals to have Peace and Joy this Christmas Day.
To hold your dear ones close and be glad to have them with you for one more day!
When you say that Christmas prayer and light the candle, please add a prayer or two for our dear pals who have lost dear ones and are missing them greatly on this Christmas Day.
Another for our military all over the world in harms way, who can only be home for Christmas in their hearts.
As bad as it may seem these days we still have a lot of blessings.
Some of the most wonderful are not in the wrapped gifts under our trees but holding our hands as we say grace!

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!!!


  1. Merry Christmas dear blog friend.

  2. Merry christmas my sweet friend lola
    stay warm out there !


  3. Merry Christmas Lola! Love the snow, wish I was there! I told Alice I am going to be there one day for a white Christmas :)
    What are the things with handles in your picture next to the owls? I am curious!!

  4. Many Christmas Blessings! :-}pokey

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family Lola!

  6. Beautiful post Lola, and taken to heart. God Bless You.


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