Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our mantle this year.
Nothing elaborate just my small trees at each end.
The greenery, trees and ribbon do have lights but it is a daytime pic here.

This is a beautiful cross stitch piece done by my niece.
The linen is shimmery. Fits right in!

Speaking of cross stitch.
Niece came over this past Sunday and we finished this stocking for her DH!

All done on a pretty greenish linen.
See the redish tiny beads!
Well really look at all those TINY stitches!
I would be blind!

I made a pattern from it and sewed it up, all lined and ready to fill!!
Have one more to do as soon as she is finished for grand niece.

Now on to this piece.

I have to say this block is a fun one BUT...yeah there is one, a tad bias-ie!
Yes that is a word in my quilt dictionary...;-).
It can go wonky on you in a heart beat.
Maybe was just me who knows( but a very good chance).
I will try again and see if I can corral those bias edges better.
It is all quilted and ready to sew the binding down.
Wash it up see how it looks.
Then decide where it will rest for the holidays...may be traveling!
Oh Goodness, that is my foot there...;-)

Will try to get more Christmas pics up loaded.
Well as soon as I can take any that are any good!

Oh well best get back to the sewing.
More things MUST be finished soon!!!

And I heard Lola say as she rushed to the machine....
Hugs to all and to all a good day ! ;-)


  1. That stocking is WONDERFUL!!! Years back, I did a lot of counted cross stitch but then they started making that cloth too darned small....(or was it my eyes were starting to act up?? LOL) I've not done any now in years.

  2. That stocking is GORGEOUS! Quit doing cross stitch quite awhile ago but still enjoy seeing others' projects!

  3. Wow...that is alot of cross stitch on a beauty of a stocking!

  4. Oh wonderful things - christmas is so much fun!!!

  5. Great stocking! I love all those little trees on it! :0)

  6. Oh that stocking is beautiful! I love the Winter picture too!

    "Bias-ie"? That works. I knew what you meant ;)

  7. You are soooooo funny!!!!
    thanks for sharing the pictures--even the "toes" look good!!!
    Have fun in the sewing room--
    hugs, Di and miss gracie

  8. such a pretty mantle....and love that stocking..nice job

  9. Your mantel is just lovely as well as the stocking....

    Hope you had fun sewing yesterday!!!

  10. Everything looks wonderful. Your mantel is so pretty! I can't imagine doing the needlework on the stocking, such tiny little stitches. Very nice!

  11. Love your mantle! And the cross stitch is gorgeous.

  12. i love the stocking! It is just too cute!
    Everything looks wonderful!

  13. Love your decorations, the stocking and everything!!!

  14. That stocking is amazing. It should be kept as a family heirloom.
    Your decorations are great too.
    Have a wonderful Christmas season!


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