Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garden Goodies

DH has been harvesting his efforts for a bit now.
These are his first yellow squash and a head of cabbage.
Also been eating fresh broccoli too.
These are the last of it.
Picked this AM.
We have had salad greens for a good bit.
He plans to till them in now.
These are mostly cool weather plants so as it warms up they do not do as well.
Already did lettuce and radishes.

His blackberries are turning too.
If birds do not beat him to them!
They got my strawberries!

DH also has small tomatoes on some of his plants.
The potatoes have blooms.
Just loving it all right now!!
Will be grilling that squash with some chicken later today!
So we will enjoy our fresh veggie bounty while we can!


  1. My mouth is watering Lola! Enjoy your bounty, we're just starting to get in the fresh veggies here.

  2. mmmmm. bring on the produce! YUM! I loves me some good, fresh veggies!!!!!

  3. We picked our first tomato yesterday....a plum tomato. The cherry tomato plants are LOADED with blossoms and tiny tomatoes....we will be very happy when they start to ripen! Enjoy your squash for dinner. We are under a tornado watch....very scary for an area not prone to them and with insufficient shelter if they do come nearby.

  4. I heard a report on the radio yesterday that more and more people are doing gardens, they estimated about 3 million people. Your produce looks wonderful...

  5. I miss having a little garden, but our soil is so poor, and the rabbits, deer and other critters eat it all before we get the chance to. Enjoy your bounty!

  6. Holy crow - veggies from the garden already? Most of the flowers I planted two weeks ago died in the snow last weekend. Except for the pansies - they're pretty hardy. We are NOT having good weather. Ugh.

  7. You can't beat garden fresh fruit and veg. I always had a hard time rescuing my blueberries from my dog - she just loved them! Cheers, Ann :-)


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