Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sew many irons...

.. in the fire!!

Yes that is me! I tend to do this a lot.
Even if I am not feeling behind.
I am behind though.
As I have had to take care of the 'hind leg' so it will heal.
It is better but I still find I 'pull' it doing rather normal things like walking normally!
Oh well we will deal and get on to the 8th week mark hoping it is DONE!

One thing I have been doing is pricing and bagging up for the yard sale.
Yes the one that was to be this weekend but hoping to do as soon as 'hind leg' is a tad better.

Now good does come from bad once in a while.
I did finish the red work baskets , and begin on the Snowbound red work sqs .
Just about caught up on those.
I begin another project in black work. Yes I did!
The 'cut and paste' on the Tisket Tasket blocks done.
Seems like a lot right?
No.. just spread out.
I want to sit and sew at my machine now!!!

I have been doing more home chores.
They has interrupted my creative time!!
Knew there was a reason I did not get more done!
Oh well back to pacing myself with my kept women duties and my need to create!!!

Picked these wonderful scented blooms and floated them in a crystal bowl.
Miniature jasmine blooms off DH bush!
Yes I stole them!!!
Better than Glade I tell ya!!!

Okay back to the salt mines..or I may get replaced!!!


  1. I have felt icky for the last couple of days, so I am about to join you in trying to catch up on the "kept women duties". Then hopefully to sewing for a little while please!!!

  2. Oh you do keep busy. I like the redwork and blackwork projects.

  3. You are too funny! Love the handstitching. You are making good despite the issues you have.

    Love the smell of jasmine. Wish we had smellavision on the computer.

  4. You have been a busy lady...Your stitching is lovely!

  5. Well at least you're keeping busy. Hope the hind leg is getting better.

  6. Glad you're improving Lola, and yet you still keep so busy! I'm getting together a garage sale myself, for July.

  7. Hope you continue to heal and get stronger--we need you to be "kicking" around here for awhile to come!!!!
    Pretty work and love the flower bowl idea---have wanted to pick some roses I seen==but they had ants--the bowl trick might be the answer????
    Take care-
    Hugs, Di

  8. Hope you feel "right as rain" soon. I floated a lot of my gardenia blossoms in water this flowers that smell pretty!

  9. Look after that leg now and don't do too much too soon. It's great that you are geeting plenty of sewing done. Ann :-)

  10. Busy girl. Take care of that leg. I want to sit and sew too, but too much going on. Maybe a yard sale in the works ;-)

  11. Glad to hear you are feeling better, and getting so much done too. I will be having double knee replacement in July, so I will be mending my legs and doing some hand stitching too.

  12. Lola, it's good to hear you are feeling better. I tell you a garden takes so much time, but well worth it when it's cold out and you can have some fresh veggies. Take care.


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