Monday, June 21, 2010

Long Day!

Yes today is to be our longest day of the year.
So I am thinking this is how it will look about 10 PM tonight!!
Late sunset over the cotton field out back!!

We had very hot temps yesterday.Makes last weekend seem like Fall!!
Over 100! More high ones this week with Thur seeing well over 100 again!
100 % humidity today with high 90's!
Now is it Aug or still late June here in Virginia???

We enjoyed Father's Day with our son and DIL.
They prepared a wonderful meal.
Did some shopping while we were over in that area.
Came home and stayed in the cool AC!

I did some shopping online.
Last week I received this from Connecting Threads.

They had some great prices on the Thimbleberries Pine &Rose, Village Green Dusk charms and the Twice the Charm roll.
Love the 'fallish' fabrics too. Called Golden Afternoon.
They have pretty good prices on charm packs.
The fabrics are good quality too.

These came from Fat Quarter Shop.
Will become runners.
Had to have the French Le Poulet one!

These books were on sale at CT so picked them up to.
A couple projects I want to do in each.

So here we are with June almost over!
Goodness I feel like it was just January a month ago!
Think I need to kick my projects into gift mode now.
I did not get all my own projects finished but some are at least another step towards done.

We are still enjoying garden goodies.
More cukes, yellow squash, peppers, cabbage, blackberries and raspberries.
Tomatoes are big and green...looking forward to that red to peep out soon.
If all the figs on the fig tree ripen then I may be selling at Farmer's Market.!;-)
It is loaded!

Well I best get this long day started!!!
I am thinking the day may out last me though!!


  1. Hot and muggy! Two of my least favorite words! Yes Lola, stay in the air conditioning. Your fabrics are wonderful, and know some fantastic pieces are going to come from those, be sure to post pics!!Stay cool!

  2. I am looking forward to the long day. I just wish they could find a way to add hours to it instead of daylight!!!!!

  3. It was still light here at 10:30 last night. Love those long days. I used to live waaaaay up north where it got dark for only a few hours every night, but in winter, it was only light for a few hours (not a great trade-off).

    Hoping for HOT here. Looks like it's going to rain... again. Sigh.

  4. I love Connecting threads...I have an order coming my way as we speak.

    Love all your delights...get colors.

  5. Lovely sunset - and wonderful fabrics. I don't have anything on order right now - but I do love getting the packages when I do.

    It is cloudy, drizzly and cool here in the PNW - everyone is calling it June-uary - never had such a cold spring and summer - but winter was amazingly warm - almost like summer - I think they have the seasons confused.

  6. OK, now I know we can blame it on the weather-cause in my mailbox today was my order from connecting threads for some Golden Afternoon strips and charm packs and another order from Cotton Charm Quilts and then I sat down and ordered some stuff from Fat Quarter Shop. It better cool off soon!! L,A-

  7. I was just saying today how it seems more like August than June. I only hope it doesn't mean fall weather will be here by August!!! I like summer and the grandkids love coming to the beach!

  8. Well our longest day of the year is nearly over--it's 11:15 pm now!!!
    Actually I could of used a "few" more hours yet!!!!!!
    Looks like you had fun "shopping"??
    I have not ordered from Connecting Threads yet---have you ever tried there thread????
    Hugs, Di

  9. i didn't realize connecting threads carries Thimbleberries? i just got an order from them last week, i got some clearence charm packs for less than 2 bucks....awesome

  10. Of course, here is Australia, we have had the shortest day. Wonderful goodies from CT and FQS. You have to beat the fruit bats to the figs around here. I hope you get to sell yours at the market. Cheers, Ann :-)

  11. I'll have to check out connecting threads. Looks like you got some great stuff.
    Here is it summer ~ but then it's almost always summer!


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