Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot Hot Weekend

As in the weather people!!!;-)

Too yucky to do any yard sales or even be out much.
Good things though!
We shopped for new sink and faucet Friday.
DH and son put in yesterday.
With lots of drama and angst! So what else is new.
Seems every time we do what seems simple with this house it becomes a trial!
DH is off today to buy another new strainer set!
One works fine.. other not so much!
Had to replace all the plumbing under sink!UGH!
For what this simple replacement has cost could have bought new 48" vanity total for a bathroom!
Oh well what can ya do...nothing but vent and fix issues that need to be fixed!

All said and done I love the new sink set!!
Nice WHITE cast iron heavy duty deep sink !!
Brushed nickle faucet set!!
This all replaces a 30+ yr old GOLD sink!!
Slowly we are coming out of the dark 70's here!!

Did some more stitching on the red work Snow Fellas.
That is it for 'sewing'.
I did straighten up the sewing room.
Now I am ready to mess it up again!!! ;-)
So best get to it!!


  1. Oh You guys sound like us. Nothing is straight forward but in the end all is well. Your new sink looks great.

  2. Oh the sink looks great - now maybe you'll have more time for stitching. Or are there other projects around the house?

  3. Gosh you sound like me!! Every thing we do turns into a big project! Your sink looks beautiful!!

  4. Ooohh, love the new sink. I guess it was worth the drama (was it?). We finally got some heat here too. But it's a good thing, because it's been so cold and rainy. It's supposed to rain again the next couple of days. sigh. Bring on summer!
    Hope you're taking it easy and letting that "hind leg" heal.

  5. Might of been hot outside--but that new sink looks sooo "cool"!!!
    hugs, Di

  6. We are just beginning the replacement process. I know what you mean--even painting turns into a major ordeal. The sink looks great. I will get to that one day soon I hope!! Enjoy. L,A-

  7. Congrats on the new sink! It really looks great!


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