Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good Gracious!!

What in the world gal!
You made a horrid mess!!
Yes I admit it. I am messy!
I simply see no need to clean up till I am DONE.
Yes done with tracing, cutting, pulling scraps, pressing, cutting, pressing...yadayadayada!!

I finally have all the blocks of last years Bunny Hill Designs BOM ready to applique down.
It is A Tisket A Tasket. You can go buy it on Anne's site now.
She is also gifting another BOM this year, Snow Bound.
I decided to do it in red work.
Best get it before it is over after that you will have to purchase it.

My basket blocks are ready for me to put on the machine.
I am thinking I will use black thread for the applique.
Once I finish the machine work will do the added hand work.
I used alternate fabrics for my squares, same cute fabric for the baskets.
Still has not come to me which fabrics(from stash only) to use to finish the top.
Oh well I am only 6mths behind so I think I got time...hahaha!
Now I did make some small quilts out of a couple blocks so guess that counts!!

Ok Missy enough of mak'n messes!!
So what is it ..or was it???

Can you stand it!!!!


  1. Love your basket blocks! It's going to be a great quilt!

  2. You're so funny Lola! hey I love those blocks, look forward to seeing the finished project (next year) :)

  3. Your basket blocks are GREAT!!! I'm with you on that mess-clean-up stuff....why bother cleaning up until the end..it just wastes time I could be spending on the project if I clean up along the way!!! LOL

  4. i love your baskets....love the mess, it just shows how hard you been working

  5. oh la la, i just went and checked out snowbound.........i'm in, gotta catch up

  6. Those basket blocks are fabulous!

  7. WOW,your basket blocks look awesome. I am way further behind than six months on that one. And I have to agree, a mess proves that you are working. L,A-

  8. I say you are a messy girl !!!
    lol ..

  9. That's gonna be some cute little quilt!

  10. Darling little quilt - I got about half done and that's where it sits. I'll get back to it one of these days.

    Oh fresh cucumbers - yummmma.

  11. Yes you are messy---but show me a quilter/sewer who isn't and I will show you that that one is not having a good time while she is doing the quilting/sewing!!!!!!
    Love the blocks--great job!!!
    hugs, Di

  12. YOur baskets are awesome....

  13. I also loved doing those baskets. I finished my quilt last month and showed it at guild this past Tuesday. I have started Snowbound but haven't started the embroidery yet.

  14. Lovely blocks Lola! Have fun cleaning up!


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