Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Have you checked out Rae Ann's other blog, Stash Manicure yet???
Well you should! Get on over there! Check it out!
Just click on the button up there in my blog's upper right hand corner!
So many ideas to bust that stash out!
It is a good resource for ideas for quits/sewing period.
Different folks contribute their ideas, ways and means, etc.

I have made very good progress in trimming up my stash in the last year.
Doing up my 'new' sewing room was the catalyst for me. It is small!
Truly had to make some tough calls on holding on to 'stuff' !
So I passed a lot on to others to use to create.
I also sewed up many a small infant and toddler quilt for donations.
Made pillow cases, aprons, purses and totes.
I have also been cutting ...squares of different sizes, strips of different widths.
My thinking is I will use them up more quickly this way.
I am using Bonnie Hunter's idea also..look at the fabric only as color not the print!

I do mostly smaller projects now.
I think I can make better progress using what I have now that I can see most of it...;-)
Out of site out of mind is very true for me!!

I use the closet...( more in since this pic was taken)!!

...also the cabinets/baskets behind sewing area is fabric filled.

Okay must confess I do have two large tubs still in the hall linen closet...BUT...they are clear and easy for me to pull out! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Now I must give a big THANK YOU Shout Out to Rae Ann!
I have been lucky to be picked for her first
Stash Manicure Follower Giveaway!!!
I borrowed her pic of my gift!!!

Cool 'eh!?!

See yet another reason to go check out this special blog!


  1. Thank you Lola for the nice plug about our new blog. I am just wondering why we haven't had you volunteer to do a post for us... with all of your wonderful ideas that you showed here in your post. Girl... I will be waiting to here from you and assign you a day! :)
    I am happy that you won. Thanks for being a loyal follower!
    I can't wait to see what you will be writing to share with us over at Stash Manicure!

  2. Wow Lola, you're craft room is so neat and organized! Mine was once, but it's needing some straightening again! Congrats on the give away, what great things!

  3. Hi Lola,
    Very fun, I am so glad you won. Your sewing room turned out wonderful. So neat and tidy. It's hard to get rid of useful things but it is nice living with some space too! Hope your Tuesday is going well.

  4. i love your sewing room, so nice...

  5. THANK YOU Lola for being transparent ;-D Yep we have STASH!! Here and there and everywhere. Okay, they say confession is good for the soul, right?

  6. Congratulations on your win from Rae Ann, isn't that the best little blog, giving all the helpful hints on how to use your stash. Love the way you have organized your room.

  7. Love how organized your stash is! Actually I just love your stash and wish it was mine. Guess I'm guilty of stash envy! LOL Congratulations on your win too! :0)


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