Thursday, May 6, 2010

Slow 'round here..

..these days.
Slow as in the sewing /making stuff category.
I am still stitching on the red work baskets.
Busy with other things though.

Put the Skinny Hanger up on front door for Memorial Day.
Will be good through July 4th as well. ;-)
Will get all the flags out to do porch soon too.

Pantry shelves were getting low on staples.
Freezer needed some extra meats/ fish too.
So worked( it is a job) at coupons with sales to TRY to save as much
as we could on that endeavor.
Seems the companies are downsizing packages/jars/cans
but the stores are upping thier prices!
So we pay more for less now..RANT!! Sorry.
I still have some of my own put ups from last year.
So some things I will not have to can or freeze this year.

Went out last Sat for some yard sales.
We got some goodies.
Like these crystal glasses for 3 bucks.
A few other things .
Was a fun day with my niece.
Oh the dishes came from an antique store in Smithfield, Va.
Lovely old ones with dark pink/red castles on them.
Not a whole set but I love them!!
Will use them with some creamy white ones.

We have harvested some lettuce and radishes from garden.
Had a nice salad for our supper last evening.
Strawberry Time is here for us. YUM!
We will buy some for jam and freezing at a local farm.
My potted ones are just about ready for me to pick for a snack!

This is a rose bush cutting rooted by Aunt Dot from her Mama's old rose bush!

Have to find a place to put it.
It is a very old variety. Gets big and smells heavenly.
A very soft pinkish cream color rose.

Well that is an update for the moment.
I hope to post again before Mother's Day but if not...
I wish all of you wonderful Mama's and Grand Mama's



  1. You have been busy shopping.
    Oh I love strwberries but our season is now finished.
    Hope your rose grows for you. The old ones are so nice.

    Happy Mother's Day to you too

  2. Love the Skinny, never heard of one! Along the front of our property we have scads of the old fashioned rose bushes, also in the pretty pink and you're right the smell is heavenly! You can't get that with boughten roses anymore, I've transplanted some into my garden and they're doing real good this year.

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you too. Live those old variety roses, that's so cool that it was started by Aunt Dot's mother.

  4. I love all of your projects and your finds too. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Beautiful projects and a happy early Mother's Day to you too!

  6. Love the skinny!
    What a deal with the crystal glasses! The cups and saucers are great too. Aunt-I-L collects the red castle dishes...she collects a LOT of STUFF be 85 in Aug and she still goes out on hunts and brings home loot! It tell hubby if Auntie still collects so can I...
    Had a thunder storm a few minutes ago. We SO NEED RAIN! Grass brown again. Not about to pay the water bill to water it.
    Still feeling poorly on this side of river. FIL and DH has it plus DD and all five in her family and GS he is starting with it too hope it excapes the rest of them.

    MIL doing pretty good...praying she avoids this crud...told this Monday she can go home they think on the 21st if everything goes to plan. Never thought she make this much improvement

    So love the old roses!!! they smell the best and bloom the longest!


Luv hear'in from ya!!