Friday, May 14, 2010


Another week whizzed by me!
I thought I would finish basket # 2 this week but alas only this far along.

Just a few more stitches then on to basket # 3!

Now I did get this cake made.
I used the fresh berries from last Sunday .
It is a Strawberry Ice Box Cake.
Just look for the recipe on a box of Duncan Hines Strawberry Cake Mix.
They call for frozen berries but I used fresh.
Easy and delish cake!

I am also still sorting for our Treasures Yard Sale next month!
So did some more pulling out, tagging and packing!

Also picked these pretty peonies.
Have some in my sewing room too!

Had to have some of these tea roses too!
I have also read some curled up with quilt, hot tea and heating pad!
I don't do cool and damp very well.;-(
We have had all seasons this week it seems...
Spring, Winter, Summer, Spring , Fall, Summer...yes all of them in six days!
I am grateful as we did get 1.5 inches rain even if it came from bad storms
but beggars can't be choosers!
Did the dry gardens a world of good!

I spent time with some dear ones too this week.
Had a nice day spent with my child hood pal Deb.
We been pals for over 45+ yrs! OMG! Just dawned on me!
We may have to have us a special Golden Anniversary Celebration! ;-)

Went to town on another day for lunch with
my sweet pal/niece/partner in crime.;-)
She always does it up right!
She works from her home office.
So we only have the lunch hour but do have a grand time!

Just not enough hours in my days to get all I would wish done!
Oh well not like it was all wasted!!!;-)
Busy weekend ahead too.
Just hope weather is on our side!
We have Memorial at our family cemetery, Mill Swamp, this Sunday.
It is when you put out flowers to remember your loved ones there,
not anything to do with the official Memorial Day.
It is always the 3rd Sunday in May.
Used to be a big gathering, you would see lots of folks you do not see a a regular basis.
Sadly not so much anymore.
Course a lot of dear ones have passed on as well.
Folks grow up move away,etc.
We will do it till we no longer can.
Love seeing all the pretty flowers!
Also flags on soldiers graves, lots of Confederate ones too.

Wishing all a very super good weekend!!
Enjoy it in some way!!!


  1. I guess I am going to have to bite the bullet and do some stitching...I just love yours...

  2. The stitching is nice (as Barb said) BUT...I am just drooling over the cake!!! LOL

  3. Funny how those weeks seem to do that. Blink... and it's over. You've been busy, too, by the looks of things, so that makes the time go by faster.

    Happy 45th Friend anniversary. Isn't that great! Old friends are the best - they knew you from the beginning and still love you!

    Have a great weekend, Lola :)

  4. The cake! My eyes are gazed over! Have a wonderful week-end Lola, it's going to be warm and sunny here finally, and I plan to take full advantage!

  5. my mom loves peonies........she has several in her front yard, and they smell so good..that cake looks yummy, it's gluten free right? haha....

  6. A pretty basket, delicious strawberry cake, delicate peonies and luscious red tea roses - thank you Lola! Ann :-)

  7. Sounds like you have had a busy but delightful week. It is always fun to get together with friends. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Beautiful handwork. You make me wish I was your next door neighbor. You love the things I do...even down to the heating pad...which I am on right now because of the darn old back!
    Thanks for sharing your day, your thoughts and your beautiful pictures.


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