Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wonda Wonda

Who could be reading this blog right now. Look'in at the pics.
Hummm...could be someone who has no idea it is their swap being worked on!!!
Oh my secret stitch'in is such fun!!

Lookie Lookie...these fabbies look so good together ...humm wonder what they have become!!!!!
Whatever it is should be winging it's way Down Under come Monday!!!
Sure wish I could deliver it in person but alas I am just not small enough to fit in the parcel!!!!
Okay back to work now, well really it is more like playing then working!!
Lucky me!!!! Today is a GOOD DAY!! ( well so far) ;-)

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  1. Those fabrics are reallyl pretty together. That has to be one of my favorite parts of quilting, picking out the fabrics!


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