Monday, October 6, 2008

Got Punkins!

Got my punkins. Yes!
3..1-lge(to me) 1-med ,1-small..did not get a load this year. ha!!
Put small one on the mantle.
Will use the others for my steps to be Jacks come the 31st.
Yes I know I could buy one of the fake forever kind, all ready cut out and with a light to plug in but hey I am just a traditionalist!! Maybe one day when I no longer can carve one without harming myself or others.. haaa!!!
I love cutting that top off, digging out those seeds and the guts as my kids used to call it!!
Set my lil candle inside in its cup…it flickers and glows just as it should…also that smell of that burning inside…well just part of the fun Fall holiday to me.
Same as at Christmas… yes I use some fake greenery and trees but will bring in fresh pine, cedar and holly for the week of Christmas!! Smells like Christmas along with the baked gingerbread.


Luv hear'in from ya!!