Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Purse

Here is a small Tulip Pattern Purse I made for our sweet ‘grand’niece Hollyanne.
She turned 13 this year!! YIKES!! Hard to believe she is a TEENAGER!!!!!
She is growing up and getting more beautiful as she does.
Can still see that tiny lil one still in there from time to time…;-)
She is a cheerleader now and the team’s FLYER!!
In 8th grade and smart as a whip. So proud of her!!
Here is one of my FAV pics of her on Halloween a few years back!!
Is this not a doll!!!!!!!!


  1. Lovely purse!!

    What a doll she is!!

  2. what a stinkin' cute purse! love it! do you ever sneak to the fields and snitch some cotton boles? they make great decorations!


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