Monday, October 13, 2008

My View

Here are some photos of what I see around me.
This AM early as I was walking Sadie it was just a tad foggy.
So here is the cotton in the fog!
Here is how it looks now with sunshine .
Cotton on 3 sides here.

Farmer has sprayed the defoliant on it so soon those leaves will turn brown and drop off.
The cotton bowls will open fully.
Then the big machines will be up here picking all that pretty white cotton and making huge bales.
Will take photos of that too.
Just wanted to share a lil bit of my part of the world today. ;-)


  1. That is so pretty! It looks beautiful with the fog over it!

  2. How lovely to look out on these fields of cotton, it must be wonderful when they open into fluffy balls.
    Thanks for sharing


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