Saturday, July 26, 2008

Neat Tote Give Away

No...not on my blog!! ;-)
Check out The Blue Angels Blog by clicking post title above.
Also read about two lil adorable twin fellas while there!
Good luck in the drawing...well not really ....I hope I WIN! Ha!!!!!!!!

Yes I am body and brain dead.. I think.
Got the snap canning done yesterday.
Will show off my goodies in another post.
Had to run to town today to use my coupons and get some shoes on sale!
Pick up a few other items.
Now have to help DH bag up his smoked chopped pork butts.. he did today.
Started with 40 pds. Will see how it much it cooked out to when he is done chopping it.
Will post a pic with the canning pics later.
Will have yummy BBQ sammies here in a bit . He already made up the NC vinegar base sauce.
Heavens it makes everything smell smoky and of course I get CLEAN UP DETAIL!

Oh well at least the house no longer smells like the fried croakers(fish) we had last night!
Look out Glade I may be on to some thing here...Smoke Butt Air Freshener!!!HAAAAAA!!!!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your canning photos! It's been a long time since I have done any canning, and I sure do miss having those fresh home grown vegetables in the winter!


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