Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Help on the way....

....or at least I hope so.
My shopping trip yesterday was for these storage units.
Not too much money ..went to a local store called Maxways.
So did not have to drive to any Big City.
Saved gas , time and money. Yah me!!!
Did look in thrift for storage 'possibles' first, right next door, none.

Hope they will help with this pile..look to right.
I need to be able to see as much as possible of my supplies to use.
Out of site out of mind is so true for me or I spend too much time look'in for buried things!!!
Will worry about the 'beautification' of room later...;-)

I am getting excited about being able to do more now!!
After all it is less then 6 mths till Christmas!!
OH MY!!!
Quilts, runners, totes, stockings an other sewing projects to be made!!!
Also orders to be sewed up!!
Speaking of which thanks so much to all those asking about more shopping bags!!
Will be some more soon along with the Darl'in Lil Bags!

Will begin later today and hope tomorrow with niece to really 'get ur done'!!!!
Gee would be nice if all I had to do all day was play in here but alas my other role calls.
Must now do some 'grunt work'...laundry and house hold stuff including pay some bills!! YIKES!

Any tips or blogs on storage or organizing to share...please leave a comment or link!


  1. Good Luck with your organizing! I am sure you will have it done in no time. And besides, laundry can wait - its my least favorite chore!

  2. Lola, forget the laundry, forget the organizing.......jump over to my blog, as I have given you an award.......this is so fun.....


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