Friday, June 13, 2008

Just enough to mash...

Yes that is right. DH turned up just enough Yukon Gold taters from the garden to mash for his Father's Day dinner Sunday.
Rest will wait a tad longer to be dug and hopefully increase in size.
So far our lil garden that could has produced salad greens, butter crunch lettuce,broccoli and cabbage.
Mind ya not in 'put up' quantities but enough to get a good fill of.
Now we wait for the cukes, tomatoes, melons and peppers.

Our nephew has put in a garden almost as large as we used to. Was so pretty last time we were over there.
He brought us some fresh snaps/green beans yummy!!
He canned 21 qts already. Think he picked close to a bushel!
To think he did not like work'in in the garden when he was a kid! Ha!!

Home grown produce...nothing like it!!!

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