Monday, June 16, 2008

Ice Box Pies

This is what all the ladies in my family called them.
The ones you use pudding to make.
They did the choc and vanilla ones that had to be cooked on stove.
All kinds of recipes for them online or just look on the box and cool whip containers..
One I did was very simple.
Used the sugar free instant Banana Cream Pudding, 2.5 cups fat free milk and a cup of heavy whipping cream. Thicker but sets up well for slicing.
Yes even with the whipping cream it is still figure friendly ...unless you plan to sit down an eat the whole pie alone at one setting!
Baked off a reg frozen pie crust( not deep dish) cooled ....then filled it up with my filling.
Layered the pudding with thin sliced bananas in the crust. Would normally sprinkle some toasted pecans on top but I was out of those!;-(
Serve with Lite Cool Whip and some choc syrup.
Any flavor pudding could be used.
I also add cream cheese to the pudding some times.
The Cheesecake flavor one is good too and use with strawberries served on top.
You could bypass the crust all together and make parfaits in pretty glasses, layer fruit, pudding, cookies and cool whip.

When you NEED something in a hurry these will do, not the same as the old fashioned made from scratch ones for sure with all the egg whites browned on top like Granny's Sunday hat, but a few less calories maybe.

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