Monday, June 9, 2008

Heat Wave and a Quilt.

Yes quilts can come in handy when a heat wave hits.
Shak'in your head right?? ha!!
Well they help when the AC is running and it can become a tad cool even with it set between 72/75.
The light weight ones can be pulled up on sofa, recliner or in middle of night.

This post however is about one I have hung over the back windows to

help keep the heat out of the dinning room.
We have had record breaking heat the past week and now.

One day I felt the heat as I passed by our back double windows!
Yes they are the double paned ones but older.
Sun will cook back of house for most of the day after 11 AM or so.
Anyway I had this one out folded on chair since Christmas... yes still have a multi holiday look going on! Ha!
Still have to put binding on it though. Any way grabbed it and put over the sheers with clothes pins!
Stepped back and WOW! LOVE IT!

DH was sitting at table eating an said "That looks cool like a stained glass window!"
So guess what name of the quilt is now... Stained Glass Window of course! ;-)
So know that you never have to put your quilts away as

they can come in handy in more ways then you think about them.

Ideas for quilts new and old, (use the older worn ones and save a piece or two of history):

As table cloths, pillows or shams, sofa or chair covers, table runners and place mats, chair pads or stool covers, totes, diaper bags, back packs, cold pack bags for shopping, cut a larger one down as baby one or nap one, window shades, valances, cover a door or window you don't want to see or use, can use a top finished off without batting for a shower curtain or light window curtain.

I use cut pieces from old tattered one as table toppers and on shelves, cut out hearts and star shapes to, can hand blanket stitch edges or not. Use a nice square for top of apron or even frame them as well art.

Christmas decor use as a tree skirt, make stockings , mantle cloth, wreaths, lil pieces hung on tree, even wrap a gift in a piece or make a wine bag.

Covers for sewing machines, tea pot cozies, appliances.

Heaven the list is as long as your imagination.
The look from Cottage to Primitive just depends on your choice of quilt fabrics.


Here are some links with more ideas and some instructions:

Fun idea books to look for:

Decorating with quilts sites: pics here!

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  1. This quilt is beautiful Lola......and I love the way it looks hanging on the window. It does make it look like stained glass. Now to see if I can type in the hidden know the code to allow my comment to be's another thing that seems to bewilder me.....tee hee.


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