Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thank You Jeanie!!

Jean who blogs at Jean Creates and Life in My Happy Place was having a d-stashing while cleaning up her studio. Jean so happily gifted this lovely pile of fabrics with me!!
 Buggy Barn quilt kit with pattern and some Kim Diehl in the tall yummy stack on the left! Thanks again so much Jeanie!!

Set it up here with some of my Kim Diehl fabrics to enjoy looking at for a bit!
To me this is a lovely photo!

The framed photo is of my BFF , Brenda , who passed in 2003.
Small angel painting hung on the cabinet door was a gift from a friend. It reperesents my Mama Angel and Brenda Angel. Love it!

So wanted to thanks Jean for her kindness which is why I made her this large retreat or class tote.
Left the top open with no closures so she could stick tall things inside like a cutting mat, rolled up things,etc... even a picnic lunch bag for two!

 Did quilt the outer bag and lining. Used a stiff interfacing so it would keep a good shape. Made some pleated pockets and flat one on other side.

Purchased these handles to use instead of fabric ones. Thinking maybe more durable for a well used bag. The bright colors of these pretty fabrics just said JEANIE to me. Jeanie is a lovely bright spirited gal and I am happy to have 'met' her in our blog world!
Thanks again Jeanie for all your kindness you share so willingly and hope you enjoy the tote!


  1. That is a beautiful thank you gift for a wonderful new stash!

  2. You got some amazing fabric from Jeanie. Very sweet of you to return the favor with such a lovely bag!

  3. Gosh, it's been five years since we met through that no sew swap. I'm glad to see the fabric go to awesome home. I love, love. Love this tote!!!! It's now dubbed my official guild tote. Thanks so much!

  4. that was so sweet, are you doing better? hugs

  5. Oh what a gorgeous pile of fabrics you were gifted.. Enjoy.
    Beautiful big you have made. I am sure the recipient will love it.

    Lola I found it hard to read your post in the yellow print...can you please Mae
    De it darker, thank you

  6. I have "met" some amazing people through blogging, you being one of them Lola. I use my potholders and dress towel all the time. Your tote is so pretty, I'm sure she'll love it!!

  7. What a generous gift and to someone so appreciative.


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