Saturday, June 13, 2015

National Sewing Machine Day & One Hot Saturday!

Goodness it is a hot one in Olde Virginny today! Out here in the boonies we are at 91 F already.
Bet some storms brew up this evening!

We did get up early and went into town for the local farmers market.
Some goodies we picked up. Season here is just getting started. Weather had everyone behind this year. Snaps( green beans) and taters already cooked to go with our grilled rib eye later. DH already made up his cucumber salad  and is in ice box cooling. He had a tomato sammie for his lunch. Fried green maters one day soon!
We walked around market some but was getting too hot. As we were leaving ran into DH's cousin so they had to chat a bit till I said... I am melting fellas!! Haha!
Made me up a couple quarts of iced coffee to have ready for when the need strikes!! Made a big pot of strong coffee and added the condensed milk while still hot. Keep in ice box and add a couple ice cubes when I pour a glass. Yes some is missing...;-)
 Today being National Sewing Machine Day is only fitting to sew! I clicked Bernie on to work on those flannel squares for a baby blanket. My days are passing by fast to have my projects all done by Aug!! I have some older/vintage/antique sewing machines that all need to be loved on but may not pull out today.
Sew I do hope you have pulled out a machine to love on or sew on today!!
We are so lucky to have these awesome machines to sew on for work or pleasure!!. Enjoy!
Wanted to share a pic of all our so called 'Easter' lilies all blooming at once. Smell so good too! Granny called them Angel's Trumpets.
Hummm have star gazer lilies too up front end but must have not saved that pic or lost it doing my save as! WHICH I SEEM TO DO A LOT! Crazy old broad all. the. time. these days!!;-)
Other lilies are getting ready to bloom as well. The Formosa tree is all bloomed out and full of hummers and honey bees! Speaking of which those honey bees are taking over the hummer feeders!! Never had that happen before so do not know what to do! Quite a few folks out this way are bee keepers. So know they are local bees!

Well back to sewing!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I don't like the heat but your market goodies to so fresh and delicious! My machines observed NSMD in respectful silence. **chuckle** Your lilies seem to be trumpeting their beauty to the world.

  2. Your lillies are magnificent. I always get them for Easter but have never had any luck keeping them much after the holiday.

    It has been hot her in south FL too. Summer has arrived.

  3. I'm drooling over your produce. Eagerly awaiting homegrown tomato season. Nothing better than a homegrown tomato!


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