Monday, June 29, 2015

Clean up..again!

 Having to do a sewing room clean up here between projects.
Just finished up a cute baby girl sundress outfit and now need room to quilt a small quilt.
Have it all marked and ready to go.

Above pic taken a few years ago after redo from water leak damage.
My room is small. Very small. Though I am very very grateful to have a room, it can become a chore keeping it work friendly and still have room to move about!
The rule has always been all sewing related items must remain in this room.
This worked out well for a while. ;-)
Now I have more vintage machines, fabrics, assorted battings, interfacing, threads, ironing boards, and sew on!! Nothing is leaving this house!
So my plan is soon to clean out the large hall closet and put some of my machines in there. Easy to pull out and use.  The rest is just a matter of finishing up some big projects and put stuff away when done!!

I love looking at pretty rooms as much as anyone. My room is a working room though.
Do have a few things that are just for decor..;-)

Saw this "5 tips to organize your small sewing space" posted on Face Book and thought you all would enjoying looking and maybe finding some cool ideas for your sewing room or area!

Please share any tips you have that have helped you out!


  1. I am so with you on your tiny sewing room. Mine is 10x13, and packed to the gills. I ended up sewing on the dining room table, til I have the gumption to tackle this mess!

  2. Is this a hint? Haha! Looks great. Mine is still a wreck. :)

  3. My sewing space is small and easily gets out of hand. Windows on three sides and double doors on the fourth wall mean I've had to be creative with the room and storage for it.

  4. I can remember years of sewing in my bedroom until the kids moved out and I got a designated sewing room. That was such heaven to just close a door when it was a mess, but I do try to organize between projects. ;-)

  5. I just moved and we down sized which means my SR is a very small bedrm, still organizing & setting things up.

  6. We also downsized and luckily my sewing room is a nice size, but not huge. Unfortunately, having it as a sewing room (which was a priority) means we don't have a guest room, since we only have 2 bedrooms. I really don't have any tips, except keep looking for cabinets at garage sales that you can use. It seems like there is never enough storage, though.


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