Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day

 Yes we have snow. Not much mind you but more than I thought we would get! I figured we would get nada! Temps going up so will be gone soon enough. Least it is nothing compared to what others up North are getting. Hoping they will all stay warm and safe.
Our sweet little grand Olivia loves Elmo! We got her the dancing Elmo for Christmas and she has been crazy for him since day one at 5mths! I drew up this Elmo and put him on a bib. Cute!
This is a smaller version to go on a dress. Been a while since I made baby clothes! Crossing fingers I can still do simple!
I also cut some dark red wool heart for a February small quilt  block.
Have a snow man for January. Just a last minute thing.
Not like I do not have enough projects to get finished as it is but yet start new ones!

The house is pretty much back together after all the holiday mess was put away!
Been doing some cleaning and moving things around. Just always seems so bare and all after the  decorations come down. Nice time to change things up a bit.

DH has been doing most of the cooking but today we are having my Pepper Steak.
He will fix the rice though..;-)
My dear mother-in-law, Miss Nellie, loved this so much.
She would call and ask.. if I buy the fix'ns will you make it for supper...awwwh sweet memories.

Well best get back to it! Day will be gone before I know it. Seems to happen a lot of late.
By the way January is almost gone...really!!!!!!


  1. I am in the mood for hearts for Valentine's Day.

  2. Please post your recipe. I love pepper steak!
    You did a great job on Elmo! How cute!

  3. busy, love that snowman i could do Christmas all year long

  4. I love those cute Sesame Street characters! Great job on them.

    Glad that you got a wee bit of snow and not a ton like some people.

  5. I wouldn't mind a little snow but happy to have some rain at long last. Not that we needed a month's worth to fall in two days but beggars can't be choosers. Elmo is cute but Fozzie Bear is my favourite!

  6. That elmo is adorable.....stay warm!!

  7. Your Elmo is so adorable, he's going to make your special little one very happy. She may never take off that bib or dress.

    Your wool heart is precious too. Can't wait to see the little quilt.


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