Saturday, January 31, 2015

Easy Fun Sewing
So this is the fun project I finished up today! Our little great grandson Jay , almost two, loves dinosaurs.
I was looking at Pinterest one day and saw this idea!
 A stuffed tail with a waistband. I used Velcro so can be sized up or down.
Found this green 'scale' fabric in the magical stash!
Found a 98cent hoodie at thrift shop to add the 'fins' straight down hood and back.
Had to make a stuffie dino too! Tail and this fella were easy to draw up free hand and sew up!
Look forward to seeing a pic of Jay in his outfit!;-)

I am sewing up a baby carrier cover for newest great grandson Early. He needs some cute bibs too!
Their Mom, Donna, is our eldest grandchild. She says she loves receiving the 'sewing goodies' boxes!;-)

So many bibs, burp cloths and flannel blankets, pillow cases and quilts to sew up!;-)

Our sweet grand gal Olivia is teething plus has a stuffy head cold. Poor darling. Also my great great nephew baby boy Ryker has a 100F temp and was to go see doctor. His sister and twin, Rylie, seems fine. So hope nothing serious. They are the cutest darling pair of babies!
Just seems to be a lot of babies sick these days. Hope and pray they are all on the mend soon.

We are so cold! Temp did get up to 40F today but with wind blowing did not feel like it at all! Even the house seems to not stay warm enough. Happy to see the sun though!
Forecasters say we may have another Winter rain/snow mix come Monday. :-(

Best get back to my projects. I am trying to be good and tidy up between jobs!
I am sure it will not last!!!


  1. Those are darling. What a hit for a little one who loves Dino's!

    I hope all feel better soon. I hate seeing little sick ones.

  2. All your creations are so precious. You are very creative. Looks like you are having fun with your sewing machine!

  3. Love both your sinks we are getting rain maybe snow in the morning but not much

  4. Ohhhh--what a cute outfit--cant wait to see him in it!!!
    sorry to hear that some of the grandbabies are not feeling well--but guess this is the season for that==Wish them all well, very soon if not sooner!!!
    I want a baby!!!!

  5. That's terrific Lola! Your dinosaur combo will be a winner for sure. Hope the weather warms a little for you.

  6. Wow,... doesn't look easy to me! You are very clever : xxx

  7. Your grandson will love fun!


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