Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ice Day

We have ice today. It is covering most everything. The roads are better as a lot were pretreated. I have not ventured outside to take pics. Nope! Do not wish to add any broken parts to my already poor body!
Just hope wind stays down and does not pick up. Do not want any limbs over wires!

We had to go out yesterday to Williamsburg. Happy we got those errands taken care of before this mess came in last evening. We can just stay all snugged in today.

DH wanted spaghetti so we had that for our dinner. He has been doing most of the cooking so my turn! Not sure he will do my clean up as I do his though! We are just learning each day how to get a long being together all the time. Well most of our time. We do have some time apart!
We had warm brownie for desert!

The outside Christmas decor has been taken down and packed away for another year. Inside not yet. We have to wait on weather to go to storage building to get the boxes and totes, then when packed up take back. Can be a process when we have rain and wind. Takes me a day to take down and a day to pack up! We normally do not take down til after Old Christmas Day anyway. Jan 6th though has come and gone a week!
Do not mind as we have really enjoyed our trees and decor this year!

I did work on cleaning the 'sewing studio' trying to sort and get things in some kind of order!
Once again I have somehow managed to pile up the small room up with fabric, craft things and other related items! My gal pal Alice says we are preppers! Happy I found some good bargains over last few years as now things will be a tad bit tighter in the purse as they say!
Seems the cost of everything we need to live food, meds, healthcare, utilities, etc. is going up! We are glad to see our gasoline prices down. Now 1.88 a gal. Sure will not last into warmer months when we like to go on trips. Shall see I reckon.
I know some are saying...clean, really????? hahaha! Well yes it is!
Can see most of the floor! Put a few of my machines back in closet along with other things that belong in there! Still out are my 'new to me' vintage Singer Featherweight and vintage heavy duty Singer to finish oiling and replacing belts etc. My Bernina is my go to machine and lives on this table.
Yes there is still piles of 'stuff' here and there. Things will remain that way till used or until room grows bigger! Have managed to tuck away as much as I can.
Fabric storage in here consists of cabinets and some of the closet, an old pie safe from Aunt Dot which is the clothing fabrics, totes, shelves, drawer units which hold scraps, cut strips and thread. There are also baskets full of holiday theme fabrics.
Mind you I love antique and vintage fabrics. So have two large totes in hall closet.
Along with my wool supply which I need to find a better way to store to be able to get to easier to use!
The secret to all the storage woes is USE IT!!!! So less coming in and more being used should go  A LONG WAY TOWARDS LESS CLUTTER...YEAH RIGHT!;-)

So have you been sorting and moving and trying to get your sewing/ crafting space ready for a new year of  making projects too??


  1. I love your sewing room. However, I know I could live well in a house that consisted of multiple sewing rooms! I'm thinking just visiting your room would be inspiring!

    1. Thanks Dora! Yes would be nice to have a room for storage and one for sewing! I do not want my mess to invade rest of our small home though so do try to keep it contained! Wish you could visit!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Cleaning my sewing space is always the most difficult for me. It never looks really neat unless I put everything away to never be found again.

  3. It's looking good Lola! Better than mine at least... I plan to try to attack it next week... it would be nice if I could see the floor too!!! Alice said you haven't had snow... too bad.... stay warm! xxx

    1. Well still tight trying to work on more than one project!! We did have snow today! Not a big one a dusting only. Ice did not melt til late this afternoon!

  4. Ahh--sounds like you have done my challenge for January--good for you!!
    I have also taken about a week and done some sorting and rearranging a getting rid of--
    my shelves will never be neat and tidy--like some I see--but--as long as I can find what I want when I want it and when I get it off the shelf--I don't have avalanche I will be happy!!!!!
    I got a delightful package in the mail today--
    Love every single thing--
    bless you, my friend--
    smiles, love, di and miss gracie

    1. I did not know I was doing your challenge Di! Was just something that had to be done! Happy you enjoyed the goodies!

  5. we have been retired for 10 years together and we get along 99 % of the time, took my last tree down Sunday , just put it away yesterday , slow

    1. Well that is good Barb! We will be finished by Sunday or I hope.

  6. ummmmmmmm. Still working on that. LOL! Glad you made the decision to stay in.

  7. Happy New Year Lola! That looks like the organised chaos of a creative soul to me. A terrific place to make and create!


Luv hear'in from ya!!