Friday, October 3, 2014

Cumberland House
 This is a very pretty shop in Cumberland, VA right off RT 60. Was on our way up to Amherst, VA.
Gal inside was very nice and turns out her Mom lives in Smithfield, VA! Small world as they say.
I took some pics but not a lot as I got carried away with usual!  A lot of the older quilts I see are what some refer to as 'utility quilts'. Well used. I adore this kind of quilt. Not every farm wife was able to afford to even use feed sacks as those went into making clothes for family. So most are indeed scrap quilts. Not all are pretty and just for show but for use.
The design of the one under pillow is interesting. Was quilted in the shape of the tear drop all over. One next to it was all a muslin fabric and faded from washings. Was quilted in simple straight lines. More a cot size.
Oh my..a modern design in 20's or 30's blocks...say it ain't so...;-) Someone made them up into quilt a tad later. Was heavy too. I have found sometimes 3 quilt tops layered in one quilt. No wasting the batting for those frugal gals of old. When one top was fraying they simply put on another top! Some tie that last top on even though ones under were quilted. Too thick! I feel shamed and wasteful sometimes when I see such thrift.
This was a sweet Jenny Lind type bed. The quilt here is in wonderful shape. Not as old or as well used as others. Same cotton fabric. Every diamond was outline quilted.

Was lots more to this shop. Would love to return just to see what she has added! There were a couple other shops in same area. Some thrifts and one other antique shop but very very high $$$$.

May have to get DH to road trip back one day. We will have a few of those trips coming up. My sweet fella put in for retirement!! Dec 5th will be his last day. Now we will see how long he can hang with me before deciding to go back as consultant or having me committed ! hahaha!


  1. Retirement? My mom told my dad he couldn't come home for lunch. LOL!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos and stories--
    Road trips--aren't they fun to d0??
    and what will you DO with hubby home all day --
    hugs, di and miss gracie


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