Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter is almost here!

My word here we are waiting on Easter Sunday and wearing our flannel yet again!!
Our weather has been rather different this Winter and Spring.
We did have some nice very warm days with temps 80's F but we seem to have back tracked to Winter! Burrr!!
Today we are cloudy yet again and north wind blowing.
Expect more rain also.
At least it is not snow!!!
No matter we deal cause we do not have a choice! ;-)

We had a wonderful time celebrating DH's birthday. 
He loves his new apron and accessories . I have yet to get a pic though!
I know, terrible! I take the camera and then forget to use it!
Our son and DIL fixed a wonderful meal and we enjoyed the sweet company as well.
We also shared fun times with our nephew and niece-in-law...;-)
DH received a metal detector as his main gift. Nephew also has one he got for his birthday.
So they are  going to be treasure hunting buds!
So cute!!

Not to much sewing happening here.
Still working on hand quilting my basket quilt.
Did do one small project.
 Sweet niece stitched up this cute Scatter Eggs cutie.
I aged it (over dyed)some what and made a small pillow.
Used some lovely French General Fabrics.
Not really that bright so not best pic. Cloudy and over head lights cause glare.

We are not hosting Easter Sunday here this year so have not really done too much decorating.
Just have a few things here and there.
Mantle has the old quilt eggs tucked here and there along with the old paper one I found in the barn.
This couple has been around a long time! My BFF gave them to me to use a table decorations one year.
 Mr. I Am Late Rabbit with his fob and pocket watch.
Cute bunny bank I found at thrift one year.
Have the old basket on table with wool chicks and fabric wrapped eggs. Looks bright but really not!
Now these egg sticks are bright!;-) $Store buy and stuck in old canning jars in the old soda crate.
 This painted wooden plate normally is on mantle or side board but on hearth now. Love it. Was a gift.
Yes those are crabs. DH had to have them from an auction. We do live on the Chesapeake Bay and love crab all kinds of ways... cakes, steamed crab, crab boils you name it!!
So I figure if crickets on the hearth are good luck I bet crabs on the hearth are AWESOME LUCK! ;-)
Another craft show wooden painted bunny.
I have yet to get my outside Spring flag put up!!! So hope to get that up later today!

I added a special button  up there on right side my blog. This is for our son and his wife who are walking in this event. You can read about it on their blog here. Thanks for checking it out!
We are still waiting on that one special sweet baby to join our family through adoption.
My heart breaks for them and as a Mom wish I could fix it all and make it better. Somethings are not kissed away. Our family loves and supports them. We have faith that it will all work out.
Thanks again!!


  1. Love your Easter pretties! The sun is out today. Need to hit the quilt store in the wine country to drop off some pieces for our guild show. Might have to spring for some yummy coffee for the ride.

  2. Hi Lola--love all your spring touches--
    the holidays sure come fast and disappear fast, don't they????
    I hope you are feeling stronger and better each day--
    I know that my 'speed' is way slower that it used to be a couple years ago--but--I notice more things now and can sit and actually watch the birds play and fight--now!!
    be good and stay well for this next step in your health issues.
    love, di and miss gracie

  3. I really like all of your lovely Easter things! I am finishing up the binding on an Easter table runner I am making for my sister-in-law who is hosting Easter this year. Hope you have a wonder Easter.

  4. We just have s dinner and egg hunt, all that cooking and cleaning is rough on a old woman but will do it as long as I can


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