Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sunday Fun

D and P came over Sunday morning for breakfast.  DH cooked and all was yummy.
D stayed to visit in the sewing room and to begin finishing work on some of her cross stitch projects.
I must confess some have been here waiting on me to get to them! Bad Auntie!
Small ones just need to be stuffed and closed up. Maybe add some bling. Salem Inn has a bit more sewing to add.  Just love it... may have to hid it...;-)
Noel will be a pilla and be finished after a bit of quilting and a back added.
 More yet to do but really will not take too long. Ornies and bowl fillers or pin keeps.
Noel Tree will be a pilla. Can't see good but this linen has sparkle!
Most  of her projects are all done on linen.
Sometimes it is so nice to sew on a project that is finished in short order!
Plus spending time with favorite folks as a bonus!!


  1. Wow!! She is the speed stitcher. When both her and your walls get full and you have nowhere else to put know where I live. It is the least I can do.

  2. Those will be awesome. It is so nice to spend time with those you love.


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