Friday, August 2, 2013

Progress and Mangled Mail

 I now have a pile of Pennsylvania Blocks! Course have some more to go though.
These are the blocks that Terry of Terry's Treasures is using for a Sew Along.
Mine are  destined for a full size quilt for one of our antique beds.
Have a few  days with some frog'n! One stitch in two stitches out it felt like!;-)

 Here is what they look like so far. The two missing had to be redone ...yes the frog'n issue.
Can you see my helper there??? Yes that is Wiggles! Growing like a catnip weed she is!
She has two speeds..0 and 90! She is either asleep or wide open!! Cocoa is beginning to tolerate her but that is all. So far no cuddling going on just grumbling!;-)

 Now to the mangled part! One of my mags came in this envelope from the Post Office.
 Had this little note on the back. So basically they are really NOT sorry enough to pay for a new mag but please for give them as they have so much mail to take care of! WHATEVER!

On a good note cooked the last of the fresh snaps yesterday with potatoes! Yumm! I can just eat these alone do not need meat ! DH being a meat and potatoes guy  sees it differently!
So he had some sausages. ;-) Yes an fresh sliced tomatoes. All from our local Farmer's Market in Smithfield. We will head over again tomorrow AM. See what they have available.

Got a storm last night. Gave us some much needed rain. Also knocked power out a couple times, just enough to mess up things, not hours. We are to be cooler  but so far seems same to me.
Have a load of washing to hang out so hope we get a bit of breeze kick up soon.
After a wee bit of house cleaning chores hope to hit the sewing again.

I am fighting the urge to Fall up my house! Pull out the decor and have at it!
Have Blue Bird yet to quilt. So think I will put her on the machine as soon as I sew up the last few PA Blocks!

Do hope more of my regulars readers will check out the Shabby Apple Giveaway in last post!
I will close it out Sunday, 8-4-2013 at noon.
Have a wonderful weekend folks!!


  1. Your blocks look great all laid out on the floor like that. I need to get busy on mine! :0)

  2. I fixed almost the exact same dinner the other potatoes, green beans and ham! Did it ever taste good! We're really enjoying all of the fresh veggies and fruits right now!

  3. Do you think it will help shoo away the heat if you put up the fall pretties, cause if so I should join you. You are cruising with the
    penn blocks, mine are still a nice pile of fabric. I will get there I think.

  4. Your blocks are coming along nicely...probably, in part, because you have such an awesome helper :)

    Those snaps and potatoes look delish...I could make a meal off just those even though I like meat too.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Your blocks look terrific.

    As the days shorten, it is easy to get into the feeling of fall.

  6. Love love this block, it works up nicely. sorry about your magazine.

  7. Your blocks look great! You are on a roll :) I think A is right, get those decorations up and shoo away the heat :) xxx


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