Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cool Saturday

Oh my these nice cool temps can almost fool ya into thinking Fall is here!
Had storms last evening that brought in the cool front. So all things outside are wet and soggy.
DH really needs to cut grass so hope dries off enough to do some later today and tomorrow.

Been as busy here as I can be on the 'do not do much' dr orders.
I sit on my donut to sew and then do not stand too long or sit too long.
No lifting more then a few pounds.
After the pain from lifting laundry basket I am rather careful!
Begin PT Monday 3x a week. On pain meds still but take less.
Hope the PT works if not next step epidural.

Made up these feed sack blocks, on Quilting.
 Had a gift in mind for someone. Had to go ahead and send other things. I was behind in the sewing.

 Will finish up and use it here. Not sure how I will proceed. Was intended for a lap quilt.
I have pressed and trimmed up all the blocks. Need to decide on lay out.

 These were bonus pieces left over.

Plan to sew  up into these pin wheels. Want to use in a border at top and bottom of quilt.
The rest of the feed sack and 30's prints I have will go into a simple patchwork block quilt.
I won most of these fabrics in a long ago give away.
Ready to do some none bias sewing again! Whew!!

I finished up all the Pennsylvania Square blocks I had planned to do. Doing a trim on them now.
There is a Sew Along  hosted by Terry on her blog.

Not sure how much more sewing will get done around here for next few weeks with the PT 3 days a week! Sure will be wore out for a few.
Do hope after the first couple appts my body will be used to it and so maybe not so tired.

Okay off to sew those bitty pinwheels up!
For the folks in VA and NC enjoy this beautiful weekend!!!


  1. Good to hear that you are following doctor's orders! Keep it up and you'll be feeling better in no time!

  2. Pleased you are on the road to recovery..
    Love the quilt top you have been working.

  3. It's awful to have to take it easy, but I am glad to hear you are listening to the doctor.

    Love the blocks!!! I have always been taken by the feedsack fabrics.

  4. Ahhh--me is sad that you are 'under' the weather as they say--pain is not fun--especially when in the back!!!
    love your blocks-keep going even if at a slow pace--and talking about slow paces--that has been me since May!!!!
    My speed is 0-25 I think!!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  5. Hugs, sweetie. Please take it easy. Not much sewing going on here. With my brother visiting, there is constant supervision needed. Not worth dragging it out for all the interruptions.

  6. Thoughts with you dear friend! Wasn't today's weather wonderful! It's about time!

  7. So happy to hear you are getting some cooler weather and feeling a bit better. Keep up the good work with following doctor's orders and good luck with your PT.

    Your feedsack pinwheel blocks are adorable, can't wait to see them all together.

    Take care!

  8. My dear it was good for me to read your post. I too am dealing with back issues and that is why this flood thing has humbled me so. You know what it is like when you can't lift or do much because of the pain. Please be careful on the pain meds. Doctors got me hooked on those and it took 6 months of pure you know what to get off of them. I hope an epidural will help you! Sending love and understanding your way!

  9. Me likes your blocks!! Very pretty. Be a good little patient!

  10. Sweet 30's look blocks. I do not have any 30's reproduction fabrics. I used to and used many for donation baby quilts and just never replaced them after using.

  11. Nice use of your feedsacks. I'm getting inspiration as I just acquired a stack of them recently, and need ideas.

    I hope you feel better soon ~


Luv hear'in from ya!!