Thursday, March 28, 2013


 Okay another finish! Just right before Easter too. Whew!
I had found the eggs and chick blocks while digging. So came up with some hares and tulips to go with them. Calling it Spring.
The colors really are not that bright but seems best my camera will do!

It is 10x15. Not really that fat looking!

Love how the back looks as well! Had this small hanger unused to put it to work!
Trying it out in different spots. Here under the old 1820 sampler.

Put the other wall hanging here. For time being.

Okay is another pretty day out. Still a tad airish out there but sunshine and up 50's temps! Went to family cemetery yesterday put out the pretty Easter Spring flowers.  Made a run to Smithfield. Did pop into DAV thrift near Food Lion.
Found an old applique book. I think I may add a couple projects on my list from it but in wool!

Well best get back to it! I have more stuff I hope to have made by next weekend!
We have the baby shower for our first great grand child up in Stuart.
Goodness DH is getting sooo old!! hahaha!


  1. How cute! It looks great under the sampler.

  2. Hee hee hee!! Only you would be complaining because your camera made the colors too bright!
    It is very cute and it fits perfectly in that little spot!

  3. Very cute!! Enjoy that baby shower.


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