Tuesday, March 26, 2013


 Yes leftovers but not of a food kind. I have been in finishing mode here. Doing cross stitch and stitchery pieces. This is a stitchery I had done when recovering from knee replacement. So went digging in my baskets, boxes and drawers to find inspiration to do a finish.

 Well I found some baggies with leftovers in them! So decided which ones I thought would work with the  piece and begin to trim  them up!
I decided to just sew up the strips and sew on no  fancy corners.

Well in another lil bag found these small squares. They made nice  cute prairie points!
I had a pilla in mind from the beginning but when I added the sweet fabric borders...nahhh.. was too big for my pilla needs.

So it became a wall hanging which I love! I will sew down the binding tonight watching TV with DH!
Never over look those leftovers! You may have buried treasure in them cupboards, baskets and drawers!

Next up is these cute eggs and chick blocks I found while digging!!!


  1. I love your wall hanging! It looks great! :0)

  2. Very cute! Well done for using your leftovers, it looks like it was all meant to be :) xxx

  3. Gorgeous dawling!!! I really, really, really luv it.

  4. Ah the things we can do with leftovers--and
    sometimes they are better than the first time around!!! so sweet--
    but now I want to see the next one finished--
    is it finished yet????
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  5. Well, I like your kind of leftovers. I'm sure it feels good to have a finish too. Evening binding is the best entertainment too.

  6. Love those hidden treasures. Who woulda thunk you could make such a pretty piece from leftover!

  7. You've been busy! I need to get a post up. Lots going on behind the scenes. All good stuff!

  8. Your left overs are yummy!!!

  9. Gotta love it when the cupboard is full of surprises like these!


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