Monday, March 11, 2013

Some sewing...

...going on here last week. Not for me but was very 'Springish'!
A young gal in DH's office had stitched these place mats up for her Mom's BD later this month. Well she went all the way through to the back! She had ask if I would try to put on new backing.

 So took off the binding.
 Found some cute fabric in my stash to use so they would all match.  Had to find some that the threads would not show through. She had sent some fabric, already cut, but a couple pieces were a dress sateen type fabric!
 I tried my best to quilt and sew on the backs so it did not look too off.

Putting that factory binding back on was a bit of a bear but did mange to get them all done!

So with the cotton pieces of pink and purple I managed to make her a few extras! A runner to match the place mats.

A couple mug rugs for her and her Mom.
Some potholders too.
She was very happy with all her goodies! DH said she was showing it all off all over office. When she called to thank me she did seem to be very pleased! So I am happy!

That would be  nine finishes in March! Now on to some other things that should have been finished before now!

Me... I am trying to find all my Easter decor items I always put up! In my 'put away frenzy' and clean up last year  I seem to  have hid some!!!

We have had a couple nice days here! We were outside getting up limbs and sticks. Had several loads for  burn pile! All the winds and storms we have had made the mess. Wonder those maple trees have any limbs left!
Still need to work in the side beds. Loads of stuff to pull out. All the Spring flowers are going to be bloomed and over by end of month.
Well best get too it or day will be gone and naught to show for it!


  1. They all turned out super cute! Glad she was happy. I need to go find my Easter tubs too, not sure how much will get done but we shall see.

  2. They look great! Those tulips are so sweet! :0)

  3. Everything is so cute! We've had sunshine this morning! Love it!

    Hope you find your Easter stuff!

  4. What a beautiful job you did! I can see why she loved all of it! Hope spring flowers start appearing here soon, though we have more freezing weather coming, and today it's just constant downpours on the already saturated ground!

  5. Can't even tell..looks great!


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