Thursday, September 6, 2012

Still here..coming along!

I seem to have reached a plateau with the new knee function. Bend is not where I would like it to be but does not bother me doing what I need to do. Still do my daily PT.  Stiffness and a bit of swelling still  a problem. Pain is easing off but at end of day I welcome a bit of relief.
Now in saying all that I am pretty much doing whatever I want! Sewing at machine, standing cutting, and of course those dreaded household chores!

We have had oodles of rain since I bemoaned our long dry spell! Be careful what ya ask for kind of deal!
During the week and every weekend has been horrid down pours! So we decided if we wait for rain to stop will never get out!
DH was kind enough to take me to Norfolk to a large fabric store there.
It is called Fabric Hut. Had ordered online from them and through Amazon but never been, so off we went!

 The storm that morning had shut down their payment system! So only cash or 'good check'. That term tickles me! Our clerk was a sweet gal! Was so funny when I ask to take her pic for my blog! She calls across store..We have a blogger! ;-)

 DH and I walked all over. Had a huge section of quilting fabrics with some on sale. Large selection of GO! products. The apparel and home decor areas are quite large as well.
 Yes in all that quilting fabrics selection above, this is all I bought, but all are 1 yard cuts!

 We also went into a store next door called Dollar Deals. Lots of stuff!

Found the above voile textured sheers for $5.00 a panel! Need to hem them for the living room windows.

Have also been cutting and sewing! Made a comfort quilt for a little gal being treated for West Nile at CHKD. My first 'larger' project since surgery! Girly girl for sure. So cute.
 Quilting was tiring but slowly my stamina is building back up.
Covers up the whole sewing table! Add 2 more rows would have been a twin!

Have some other projects will share in another post! This one is already quite long!

Pulled out some Fall decor items! Want to get house all done up with Fall colors. Maybe can make us  feel cooler with our high temps and humidity! The weather folks do say we have some cooler days coming this weekend! Hope so! Less rain too!!


  1. It took my brother in law a long time before he had complete range of motion, so hang in there. I popped your package in them mail yesterday, so it should be gracing your doorstep in a few days.

  2. Wow!! That sick little girl is going to be THRILLED!! Love the way you quilted the pinwheels!!

  3. What a pretty little quilt! She's going to love it! How nice that you got out for some fabric therapy too! :0)

  4. OK, I see a road trip!!! Looks like a really fun store. Still love the quilt--of course I do it has purple in it!!!

  5. It looks like a fabulous place to visit!!! I would have wanted everything.

    Sorry the knee is not more than it is. Perhaps with reduced swelling it will continue to improve.

    Your quilt is lovely.

  6. Hope the knee improves for you....

    WOW!!! what a wonderful store. we have nothing like that down under where I live.. How I would love to go shopping there...

    Your Girly quilt is just gorgeous..

  7. you better not let 'Alice' see this pretty quilt--it has alot of 'purple' in it--she'll take off with it!!!!!
    love the quilt and the colors and am so proud of you for making it for a child who is ill!!!
    I think I would of gotten 'lost' in that store--so good thing you had DH to guide you around!!!!!
    Have a great day--
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  8. Well now that looks like a great place to shop for fabrics and sweet personnel who understand us bloggers too! Oh yes, I heard the weather report for cool temps and I'm looking forward to a break from humidity. It rained and stormed here like crazy today.

  9. So glad your knee is getting better!! Love the quilt!! Too funny about "we have a blogger"!! Love your prizes!

  10. sounds like things are humming along. That little girls is going to love her new quilt!

    "good check"...LOL! That made me chuckle.


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